View Full Version : [Video] Asad Khal pew pew

2009-10-17, 18:22
Decided to record like a minute after I joined, and it went well (for me). This is my 1st PR vid btw. YouTube - Project Reality 0.874 Asad Khal (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yi-rUaamacg)


2009-10-20, 03:12
That was some crazy rambo with no teamwork whatsoever

2009-10-20, 18:25
Is that PRSP? Well, you running alone shooting people it's really not that exciting to me and I got dizzy by the movements. :(

2009-10-20, 18:27
No thats not PRSP... serv name was Pelituka or something like that xP
Squads are overrated.

2009-10-20, 19:44
Just a video of you fragging...

I believe (and most, if not all the forum members here) that you are missing out on a lot of potential fun by avoiding squads when you play...this mod was designed to give teamwork the edge over individual skill; you are playing PR like the way most vanilla BF2 players do: without much teamwork and communication between other players.

Of course you are allowed to enjoy this game in any way you want as long as you do not act like a smacktard, but do not called squads overrated based on your (my assumption) limited experiences with them. If there is poor squadplay on the server you play on, give other servers a chance and try squadding up. Do you have a microphone?

Squads aren't overrated. Lonewolfing is....

2009-10-21, 00:14
I fail to see what is there to record. Just some random running around with zero teamwork and zero situational awareness ( during first 4 mins I've watched you didnt check your map even once, gg ). Lonewolfers killing lonewolfers, works only on poor servers.

2009-10-21, 00:57
nice work.