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2009-10-16, 22:24
When you play PR every now and then you go on a special mission. If your doing a medevac for a bleeding out soldier or a search and destroy, you always end up doing somthing that doesnt have a main tie to capturing a base or destroying/defending a cache.
Tell you special mission here.

Heres mine

Not sure what map it was but it had a castle. It was insurgency. We were on a search and rescue. Texas and I at first and someone else(I forgot his name) saw a Huey on the top of the castle. The insurgents were on thier way to destroy it and take a chunk out of our tickets. Our squad gets in a HMV and drives a close as we can. On our way an RPG, Grenade or IED exlopes near us.(We lived) Now we are near the castle. On our way through we cleared the castle out.(No one yet) We have 2 more floors to clear on our way up to the Huey. We just standed around staring at the ladder for 15 seconds. So Texas moves on up the ladder.(boom grenade trap or IED) So we start lobbing grenades through the hole and Now our other squad member goes up( im a medic so I trail behind so i can revive others) its clear. We never foudn his body, he must of jumped off or had some other way down. Texas catches back up and I fly the Huey back. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

2009-10-17, 03:58
Me and a guy where in a Warrior IFV (I think its a warrior) and there was this squad who was under heavy fire from the big city on the desert map with the Brits vs Insurgents, me and our 2 man squad were heading to a cache but we ended up taking a detour to help support them. We even hopped out and helped them with their firebase they were setting up.

2009-10-17, 09:37
1 day in muttrah i was in a sniper sq usmc. we went to the castle and once in the castle we started sniping. it went well i was a noob so they gave me tips (we were 3 man sq). suddenly some other players join and say that there was no other sq left to join. our sq sais the to defend us. eventuatly we get massive mec attacks but we keep holding the castle. in the end we were the last outpost still up and every sq had to help attacking (even we). but we won the battle

2009-10-17, 10:00
Not sure what map it was but it had a castle. It was insurgency.

Operation Archer;-)

Nice story :lol:

2009-10-17, 11:42
Me and 5h4d0w from Raven Team were playing in a two man squad. The map was Jabal al Burj and we were Reconing the dam for the main assault. We saw quite allot of guys just respawning in the dam so we figured they must have a firebase there. So we sneaked by the enemy and entered the dam, it was so epic, lying down in a hallway while enemys are in the other room. We did a real room clearence, I threw a grenade and 5h4d0w quikly stormed in he killed one guy I killed two. We knifed the radio and destroyed the firebase and the crates, so we had to get out. We swam back to the shore and called in the chopper. The chopper came and crashed itself /FACEPALM/ so we had to walk to safety. It was pretty epic.

2009-10-17, 11:48
laying down minefields on operation barracuda :razz:
Always fun xD

Or back when the specop was still in, i used to headout towards MEC main on jabal and recon, and as soon the city was a flag that could be captured, i would blow the AA's with slams and the bridge with C4 making it much easier to land in troops and vehicles while not having to bother about the MEC AA/Transports.

loved the 1337ness

2009-10-18, 00:45
The insurgents were on thier way to destroy it and take a chunk out of our tickets.

That part may or may not have true but they knew it was there so we had to Get the Huey back. A part I left out of my stroy was that the mission ended up being worthless as we had to take the smae huey back and it got destroyed.......

2009-10-18, 03:17
I was a Automatic Rifleman crewman sitting in the backseat in a Blackhawk medivac on Ramiel. We had a pilot, two guys on the miniguns, a medic, and me in the backseat providing extra support and I would get out to provide fire while the wounded guy made his way to the helicopter.

Whenever someone needed a medic, we would go in and bring the wounded back to base or heal them in the helicopter. It was pretty fun especially with mumble and we had about 10 or so missions. Then we got shot down by a technical.

2009-10-18, 15:41
i think i was there, after the BH was shot down i shot the technical with my AT

2009-10-18, 15:51
We had to release 2nd squad and logistic squad, we got support from a apc and Bradley (Fallujah West). When we came in the area, our humvee got hit by an RPG. We jumped out, the most of us bleeding. The APC drove in front of us to give cover. 2nd squad was positioned at a ditch, and logistic on the top of that big gate at C6. We released them, and defenced that position. When the convoy with the squads was en route. We also falled back on foot. But we got in an ambush. A bomb car chased us in an alleyway. But at the end of that, they had positioned a technical :cry:. Our fire team got shot, we could fled away fortunatly. We luckliy mad it to base.

2009-10-18, 20:45
Earlier today I was in Ramiel in an Insurgent squad. We started to mine the Western entrance to the city(More up the road though). We had so much fire power (and luck) to take out a littlebird and a Blackhawk. Funny thing is the little bird hit the ground and the pilot got out, luckiley he landed on my IED so as soon as he got out I blew it up. Then a HMV came our way and we almost got slaughtered. Fun day ambushing and mining.

2009-10-19, 05:27
It was on Operation Archer. And we had a bad INGs round so i was like Hell with it ill have fun this round. So i make a Sq named Spec Ops....... Man for some reason the second it went up i got like 5 people in. so i ask the Huey pilot to take us to the air field. having hafe the team screaming at us WTF are u doing, U think ur 1337 cuz u named your sq Spec Ops. we ignore it. as soon as we land RPG hits and were going down but we were 30 meters and we land safely. We board out and Quickly fire back at the enemy. Not knowing were they are. My sq Opens fire on a bush....I Confirmed that Bush was KIA. So we still cant find the enemy. and lucky the Huey was providing us cover by having a LMG on its side opening fire. i say that was pretty sweet. After a 10 Min firefight we find our way inside the Airport tower. An we Find the cache and we were like so BO YA Told u guy this SQ wasn't pointless. So we wait to be evaced, BIG REEEED is screamed for 2 mins an were like thats not go0d. so when the Huey lands well guess what....BIG RED comes storming in and Blowed us up making our mission For nothing...Sign...:razz:

2009-10-19, 20:10
I Confirmed that Bush was KIA.

That happens too much to me. Ill be in my squad and all of a sudden...ENEMY CONTACT 195 RAHHHHHHHHH! Wasted an entire AR clip on a bush.

2009-10-20, 15:51
I was at Muttrah City one day and i was sniping from the roof of the hotel (easy pickings!), i had killed about 20 MEC INF soldiers, the docks were in MEC hands and so was all the rest of the city. i was with this other guy, he was my spotter and we had set an RP on the roof. he was a Rifleman Specialist and was defending the ladder. so, i was killing those guys from way above, then my spotter got hit. i dont remember his name but i took his kit and slid down the ladder because the RP was destroyed (it is a mystery why it blew up). so i called evac from a Huey nearby. i made an LZ near the hotel, and luckily the AA did'nt destroy the Huey. so the Huey landed and out of nowhere a MEC INF squad appear, and the pilot bailed out!

So, after trying to hold off the INF, the pilot had no weapon and so he hid behind me all the way to the docks where by then, Marines had capped it and APCs were there. we called evac and the Huey took us back to the carrier.

What do you think? one hell of a battle.

2009-10-20, 16:00
i made an LZ near the hotel, and luckily the AA did'nt destroy the Huey. so the Huey landed and out of nowhere a MEC INF squad appear, and the pilot bailed out!

You held of a whole 6-man squad?!?!?!?!
I suppose you just ran for your live

2009-10-20, 16:03
What challenge or name would that give me? im BogusBoo the fearless warrior!

2009-10-20, 16:04
aehm what?

2009-10-20, 16:06
i mean, i would'nt be writing this if it werent true.

2009-10-20, 16:08
You could also be lying ;D

2009-10-20, 16:11
That would be boring. opposite the hotel is a market like stall area. thats where it was! besides, with a shotgun on your side you can take out a squad of MEC! i used my field dressing and the pilot gave me his.

2009-10-20, 16:18
oh ok then its easy to hold them off. :roll:
I thought you meant that you had to start like from West City centre and go all the way to docks

2009-10-20, 16:21
no way!

i dont think that's possible unless Double Doppler is leading the Squad!

2009-10-20, 20:45
A while ago I was flying hueys in muttrah and everything was going fine untill AA hits me. Luckily I still landed the heli and got out with my one passenger. The MEC kept coming at us(e alter found out it was a rally). We destroyed thier firebase and once my passenger had killed one I took his kit. We went back to back for about 30 seconds untill he died and I got wounded.

2009-10-21, 07:12
Sounds like a party.