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2009-10-15, 16:46
Last night on the Chicago Insurgency server, we were on Operation Archer and i was on the insurgents team. We had 3 caches left and we were currently defending the 2 in airport.

i was killed and i spawned at main looking to grab a combat engineer and laying some ambushes outside of the US Main, so i jumped on a bike and began moving through the hills towards main when spotted a huey dropping crates at the A4 abandoned outpost, so i guessed they were building a firebase, so i jumped off the bike and moved snuck over to the hills in A3 to get a better eye on the outpost.

I got into a good OP and began watching the area with my binoculars and i saw a full squad building a firebase, with someon constantly on the 50.cal pointing towards the Insurgent main up the road that bends off the map, i figured my only chance was to sneak around through A3 KPD 4/1 to come up behind them.

So i then snuck down from my OP and snuck towards the road where the 50.cal was aiming as its the only way to move west, because the 50.cal was watching down the road i had to wait for him to get off and look away and i was watching i noticed every 5 minutes or so he would stand up to have a look around with his binoculars and i thought this was my chance. So i waited for him to turn his back and i stood up and sprinted across the road and dove behind cover just before he looked back. The easy part was now over as now i had to sneak close enough to blow the Firebase.

I then began sneaking down through A3 KPD's 4/1, occasionally popping up to spot the enemy, unlucky for me was that half the enemy squad were staying in the outpost to protect it, whilst the other half moved East onto the hill to look for the new cache as 1 of the airport caches had been destroyed. I decided to carry on sneaking and i was able to crawl to the road the enters the outpost from the south that has the large ditch with the blown up tank in it. I crawled into the ditch, where i could then see the 50.cal just at the top of the ditch that was pointing towards Insurgent Main. I thought at this moment i had made it i can now sneak in and destroy the Firebase.

But no as someone had just jumped into Big Red and began heading towards the Firebase and i knew he would never get close with the 50.cal there, so this means i had to destroy it to give the Big Red a chance. So i began to crawl towards the 50.cal when suddenly the gunner gets out and begins walking around at the top of the ditch with his binocs looking around, now i am laying roughly 5 meters away in the ditch with no cover at all and if he looks down then that whole MGS sneaky moment went to waste.

But lucky for me is that he must of been told Big Red was coming as he turned around and jumped back on the 50.cal. This was my chance so i began to crawl up towards the 50 and dropped an IED right on top off the gunners head and i crawled back into the ditch cover and I then waited for Big Red to come into sight. Now just as the gunner was going to open up on Big Red, i blew him sky high, i watched as his body flew 200 feet in the air, it was glorious.

I then jumped up and sprinted to the East entrance of the outpost so i had some cover from Big Red and i waited for the explosion, but nothing happened so i thought i had to get in there to blow the Firebase before the enemy spawn back in, so i sprint into the outpost and throw an IED on the Firebase when i notice an american in one of the pill boxes, i wasnt sure if he had noticed me so i fired a shotgun shell at him and sprinted away hoping he would come to check it out and i could kill him with my IED. I layed down at the east entrance but he never showed up so i blew the IED and destroyed the Firebase, then right as the smoke settled, i see Big Red come charging in and detonating, killing the one man left in the outpost.

A nice waste of Big Red but a great memory of wandering what the face must of been like on the gunner of the 50.cal who had no idea i snuck an IED into lap :mrgreen:

2009-10-16, 01:54
A nice waste of Big Red but a great memory of wandering what the face must of been like on the gunner of the 50.cal who had no idea i snuck an IED into lap :mrgreen:

Yeah :D!!!!

I like sneaking up on people... I did that on AAS and in insurgency...

Both of them are very very thrilling. See a full 6 men squad walk past you while you and your combat engineed squad member finish the firebase off.... or when you sneak behind 6 americans as insurgent, throw a molotov on whoever you can and knife the radio 3 times!

Its so cool!

2009-10-16, 04:04
I remember buidling a firebase like that on the same map with a story very similar.( I know it wasnt you though). We haad a huge firebase with perfectly position .50cals, barbed wire and foxholes. The insurgents knew we were building a Big Firebase with a perfect postion. We had heard reports of a big red heading to our position but never saw it. All of a sudden out of no where an insurgent sapper jumps out of the tall grass and fires 6 rounds onto our gunners and wounds them both. 6 seconds later we recovered and opened a hail of rounds, grenades and AT rounds, we also drove a Humvee through the grass trying to run him over. (Dumb move in my opinion.) After words I wandered around the grassfield looking for his body to confirm he was dead without backup and I found him.

2009-10-16, 05:46
My best sneaky moment was when I was desperately hiding from a full squad with my PKM on Fools road or something similar. They had just taken out my squad, but didn't seem to account for me. The entire squad walked right past me as I cowered behind a log in the grass. I waited for as long as I could for the squad to regroup, and then opened fire on their backs in deployed mode.

:) Then I got rescued.

..Generally though, my sneaking usually ends up with a friendly grenade in my face or a hail of gunfire from an AR.

2009-10-16, 06:01
AIMED i was on your team when you were doing this, i was the one who kept attacking them and putting grenade traps in their base but kept getting killed so i gave up,,, was wondering if someone was ever gonna get that down, great work

2009-10-16, 10:49
nice one, i wish i could do things like that, i love doing such moves, its just that i usually end up getting screwed because of a friendly that destroyes my cover/im moving around a corner just into 2-3 enemies/im getting somehow infront of armor vehicle and getting killed by it:(

2009-10-16, 15:56
An LMG story... in Karbala, enemies are at around A5/A6, climbing the hill from B to A. I see a LMG giving covering fire from the other side of the river. I throw a nade, get an LMG and score three kills without a drop of sweat. And that's all because he probably didn't know what hit him before it was too late :-D

2009-10-17, 12:00
oh dude,awesome story.
pr is one of the view games where sneaking is so much fun.=)

2009-10-23, 22:12
Happens to me in Al Basrah.

I'm in a land rover and my SL drives then i say: "Watch out! there may be IEDs ahead!" and he says: "Bogus, dont get so up tight! there are no IE-" then boom and he says: "sorry guys.....my bad".


2009-11-09, 18:49
Not IED... but a US Army guy was trying to sneak behind me with a knife. I decided to randomly look behind and I go OMGWTFBBQHSHAUHZOHAZÇSDLSAPZZZZ and shoot him. Owned.

2009-11-09, 21:43
We want prove, lol pr is full of potentional writers!

2009-11-12, 01:39
i watched as his body flew 200 feet in the air, it was glorious