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2009-10-11, 23:23
Server: Chicago Hardcore

Map: Operation Barracuda

Right, so I played a round on Operation Barracuda as a trans helo pilot. Match started off relatively well. No flipped choppers, no noobs.

Two guys get in, say they want to go smack dab into enemy territory. I tell them I'll try. Go in, drop them off, and then as soon as I'm about to get out, with no warning, I get hit, lose my engines, and crash. I figure that it's a LAT round.

It was no problem though, we locked with 3 people, still an extra chopper. I jump in, and idle until they ask for more choppers, and eventually the battle is basically lost, since .50 cals are everywhere. Even just attempting a supply run is horribly dangerous.

I figure I lost two helos to AA and LAT.

Well, the game would've been alright had we not had two different "1337 p1l0ts" flip FOUR Hueys. On their takeoff flip, they hit ME and I nearly lost the chopper.

Not to mention they weren't in the trans helo squad and lost us 40 tickets from their little fail ride.

2009-10-12, 17:25
rant much?