View Full Version : [AAR] Triple sniper kill on Muttrah city!

2009-10-11, 20:31
Just so you know, i was on the US team for this game.
First of all, i love this map, its awesome. One thing ive only done once or twice on this map is snipe, so today I joined one of the Swedish servers and joined a Swedish sniper squad. Two of us in the squad, but he could speak English fine so no problems there. I had a sniper rifle, he had a marksman kit.
Helo dropped us in at A2KP1 ish, and we hoofed it south from there to about a3kp4. We were waiting for about 15 minutes for any activity, but we then saw fire from our APC shooting to around A5. Looking at where he was shooing, we could see a squad of 5 on the roof, but moving around too much at that point to take any shots.
Anyways, I kept tracking them when suddenly the APC blew up, no idea how, and then the enemies on the roof started to run down the stairs. i figured id take a shot at them, so i fired, at one on the stairs as he was going down, and almost immediately after i started taking fire on the mountain, so had to back up. Bearing in mind at this point I have only shot one shot for the entire game so far. Anyways, they keep shooting me for a good 2 mins id say. In that time, the marksman with me got killed as he was up too high making himself stand out a bit much. I checked my scoreboard, and damn. THREE KILLS. I couldn't believe it, as I had only fired one shot. When I peaked out onto the stairs I couldn't see anything, so they probably slid down or something.
But damn!, anyone else had multiple kills with one shot? :mrgreen:

2009-10-11, 22:49
I've joined a server for the first time in a day, and I was rewarded with one kill for some reason. It was pretty odd.

I didn't even think that a multikill with one shot was possible lol.

2009-10-11, 22:56
I got two kills with one shot before. But three, now that's a clusterfuck.

2009-10-11, 23:08
I think its a bug, I have started rounds before with 2 - 3 kills and a bunch of points before we even spawned.

2009-10-11, 23:56
I didn't start with the kills though, i got them after firing one shot, which I thought was crazy! I tried to find the bodies to screenshot, but it wouldn't have proven much anyways since i cant show you my ammo count!
I REALLY wish that fraps wouldnt cause punkbuster to kick me. Normally i would start recording with fraps when im about to shoot, so id have had a video :(.

2009-10-12, 09:58
You need to update fraps, then it won´t kick you.

2009-10-12, 10:08
That's just a statistic bug. Happens to me often.

2009-10-12, 12:29
I don't know, but sometimes i have been teamkilled after i bled to death when i knew a friendly shot me. Maybe that one bullet hit the 2 others and they bled to death/jump to death? I am not sure if this is even possible. But anyway, what's BF2 engine for you.

2009-10-12, 13:22
As far as I know in bf2 bullets dont penetrate bodies.

2009-10-12, 21:35
you can have more kills when they are standing inside eachother though

2009-10-12, 21:55
i have had double kills . twice i must say , it was in korengal map i killed 2 insurgents lined up with american sniper , and another time i killed 2 american with the lee enfield . i always try to do double kill . i think it is possible with the american snipers in short ranges .

2009-10-13, 00:21
your lucky xD nice shot anyway

2009-10-15, 19:06
I watched a guy take down 2 American choppers on Rameil the other day, I think it was. Ontop of the huge water tower, I was insurgent with my binoculars and saw 2 choppers go down and my squad mate swearing from happiness. Same round one of my squad mates got credited for a helo kill when another guy did it with an RPG. Really odd how that happens...

2009-10-15, 19:14
Try to get the battlerecorder files and you can check if it was a bug:)

2009-10-24, 19:18
how do I get those?

2009-10-24, 19:54
boomcol, since how the bf2 system work, last one who damage the enemy, gets the kill, other assist
pretty cool, but might be a bug, best way to check is the BR[battlerecorder] you might had a score bug to start with and killed one/two guys maybe?

2009-10-26, 17:07
Mayby there was 3 guys at the ladders on same step/close to each others? U can actually go trough a person at the ladders!?
But still really lucky to u and unlucky to them :)....