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2009-10-08, 05:11
Hey all,
Here's a nice big reference pack from a recent China trip I went on, with over 300 photos of the central Chinese countryside, rural towns, communities and small cities as well as a few tourist spots.

If you're making a map based in central-ish China, have a look at these photos to get a more realistic conception of the region.

Huashan region, including the city at the base of Huashan (http://realitymodfiles.com/ancient/chuc/Huashan.7z)

Luoyang city and the countryside + roads around (http://realitymodfiles.com/ancient/chuc/Luoyang.7z)

Road to Xian, lots of villages and rural towns (http://realitymodfiles.com/ancient/chuc/Xian.7z)

UPDATE - 12/2010

Just come back from another trip, but this time to the south west of the country, to the western end of Yunnan Province, near the border with Tibet. It's pretty high up and it also being winter, the terrain is seen differently from other places in China.

The villages have a strong Tibetan influence.

southwest_china_refs.zip - 4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download (http://www.4shared.com/file/FaVeTuLe/southwest_china_refs.html)

2009-10-08, 09:00
Thanks a lot Chuc. Hope you enjoy your journey?! How it was?
I'm sure it gonna help some people here ;) If you see who I mean...

2009-10-08, 10:56
It's more to really dispel a lot of myths about China, and to get at least a good visual taste beyond the tourist areas.

2009-10-08, 21:33
wunderbar... some good refs there.

2010-12-29, 09:39
Uploaded a new set from my little trip to the Western Yunnan highlands/Shangrila


2011-01-03, 20:46
Thanks Chuc. Your original pics really helped me out while creating Shijia Valley and now I can add more to my references folder. :)

2011-04-06, 13:27
Using MicroDEM and the link below you can get 3Meter DEM maps to export to GeoControl2 to create your .tif height maps.


You download the .hgt.zip file and open the zip file with MicroDEM.

THis is the best free civilian DEM dataset available in the world.

3M resolution, which is better than anything else I've seen used.