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2009-10-04, 13:36
Chicago Hardcore server.

at the 28th of September my friends and I were playing on this server. We were playing operation barracuda, we'd one pilot in our squad because the most of squads were full or locked. We landed at the swamps to move on on our objective. Some of us were people that just played PR for only a half week. Our objective was rendezvous at the swamps and secure the lz, after that we'd to move on further on our objectives. The assault team moved for wards, near that hill ridge further out of the coast. They got shot near the river, it wasn't very hot till then. The medic went to them, I covered him. When we arrived at the wounded soldiers we got in a heavy long range firefight (there were probably 3 to 4 squads moving on that hill ridge). We falled back, we got some support from the second squad. On of the transport Huey got hit, he crashed near the lz. The commander gave orders to hold our ground till area attack was ready. All the Chinese squads were moving further onto us. We couldn't hold the line, it became even worser. A Chinese jeep (The one with the 50. cal on top) was pinning us down. The other squad wanted to evacuate, but the Huey that came also got shot. About 3 man got killed by the explosion of the Huey. A huge amount Chinese were running of the hill, the squad leader called Broken Arrow I repeat Broken Arrow! (Just like in we were soldiers :) ). We got luck, the attack Huey was just reloaded. Our squad leader popped the green smoke to signal our position. The Huey shot the most of the Chinese infantry in his first hit and run attack, the second was less effective but still good enough to stop the attack. We got the permission to move up, to crush their infantry actually, I got shot. The medic revived me, and healed me with some field dressings. The attack Huey shot his last rockets on the Chinese jeep(s). He'd to rearm. :cry: We had taken the biggest part of the hill ridge. The most of the Chinese squads were already re spawned, they were charging on our line. Our commander immediately called in an area attack on their firbases and rally points. I was moving further up to report the damage. When I got the order to fall back I found my squad leader dead. (We got no rally point). Also the medic and the grenadier were dead. Only the support gunner was left, and 2 other soldiers. We falled back, for evac. The Huey covered us when falling back. We had to wait one minute for the Huey ( he wasn't spawned yet), the line was overrunned by the Chinese. We falled back to the cliff. The Huey was loading, we were under heavy fire. Our attack Huey got shot high in the air, but the pilot could jump out, he landed just behind us in the water. I popped some smoke grenades to cover us. The pilot popped red smoke for extraction, the Huey picked us up and flew us back to the carrier. I was shocked about the huge amount of tickets that we'd lost. We lost the round but I gain a lot of experience this game.

2009-10-17, 12:19
in pr,for me,its not about winning , its about playing with good people an getting into situations like the one you described.
awesome man.=)

2009-11-09, 17:59
"In PR, one can be overjoyed by a single impressive attack or tactical movement. Winning is a bonus."

2009-11-09, 21:34
Niiice one :)

Pity you lost but oh well :D

Tbh I always find playing tactically and losing is more fun with extracts and last stands etc.

2009-11-09, 21:50
Time: Dutch Afternoon :mrgreen:

Thats so lame, but cool story bro :3

2009-11-10, 10:12
WOW! THATS A TXT BLOCK!. but yeah i love those kool single moments, had some good ones on al abarsh and ramiel :smile: