View Full Version : [AAR] All vs. Tank

2009-10-01, 19:37
Server: Virginia .87
Time: 9/30/09 9:00 PST

Operatives: |TG|csxgamerz & |TG-23|Startrekern

Some funny thing happened that ended up to mic screaming and laughing.

We took an Abrams in the mountains north of SV on Kashan and it was my idea as a flanking manuver against the enemy armor in SB. Now I expect spotter in mountains but to get to this one hull down ridge, I had to go into the SV flag cap area and go north to climb a mountain. So we basicly werent exposed to anything to the North where spotter overwatching the Bunkers were. All of a sudden a missle flies past me and lands 20m next to us. My gunner is screaming about a spotter in the middle of the desert like 50m next to our tank. I stop and then decide to keep going just to miss a bomb that gets dropped. Then a hat fires and misses us followed by a frogger strafing us. This is while we were off roading in mountains so the ride was bumpy. Then im driving and pop smoke when a mig flys straight at us and starts up his cannon, the fires all his aa missles at me. After We dodge that, we dropped altitude cause we fell into a verticle fall and i look left and a sky cow is firing its 50 at us and hes like 20m in front of us. We were shaking so much that we missed and he flew off. Then the frogger comes back and strafes us more followed by another missile and followed by the mig again. Frogger now uses rockets and the skycow comes back with his 50.

We dodged 2 bombs, 4 aa missles, 60 rounds from a mig, 100 rounds from a frogger, 4 ATG missles, 6 rockets, a rounds from a skycow...

All this is happening within seconds of each other, so it was like boom, 5 seconds later pppeww pewww, then boom, than bam bam. It was just flyby after flyby...

sky cow rammed us to death in the end... lol

most non sense fun ive had in a while.

2009-10-02, 00:12
Lol. The Sky Cow pilot got so annoyed he decided to ram you!? Wow, wish I coulda been there for it. x)

2009-10-03, 23:31
rofl funny story

2009-10-04, 00:33

2009-10-04, 05:23
I'm sure Rebiv dont take too kindly to rammers. Nice story

2009-10-04, 09:39
As always, for the MEC faction, the most reliable weaponsystem is the cow ramming things!