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2009-09-22, 18:37
For you new folks.

The very first time I played the map Mestia I was lucky enough to get on the British side. We formed a squad and I was appointed to be the point man for the squad as I often am.

I've walked point in a jungle environment many a time in real life, of course I didn't have the blessing of being able to re spawn.

The objective of our squad was to move into the area around the North Eastern Munitions Plant I think it was called and setup and ambush and a defensive perimeter to wait on supplies, once supplies were delivered we were going to build a forward OP to give us a launch point for the main attack, and to conduct a search and destroy for enemy rally points or forward OP's this was to be coordinated with the squads who were moving up the western road towards the other objective.

My wife joined me in my recon team the main body of the squad and one other squad were following about 3 minutes behind us. My wife looked across the office and told me that after 30 years of my comments, bragging and stories she was finally going to get to see what I was made of. I told her, Wrap up your dog tags baby, and lets go.

We moved out up through the valleys using the tried and true method of bounding over watch, a common Recon tactic in jungle warfare, " You move I'll cover " We already knew the Mec would be running extensive patrols down through the valleys between the two objectives, so we knew we were going to run into an ambush. The problem was to judge how far down into the valley they could have possibly moved on foot since the start of the round.

We moved out, using concealment and cover as much as possible, we kept it to a slow pace as to be as quiet as possible. About 200 meters in to the valleys we heard a firefight break out up north west, our first instinct was to run for it and give assistance, but we had to remain on task, those behind us were depending on us, but what I remember most was the feeling I got when I heard that, as I have many times before in life. In reality it wasn't a feeling, it was an impression, kind of like when you have a bruise somewhere, that doesn't hurt anymore, but if you lean on it, you feel it. The feeling was there, it came from far off distant memory impressions, and it ran a chill down may back. I was in mode.

We got deadly. Mary, Gunner's Mate caught the feeling, we got quiet, we got tight to the ground, She Moved I covered, She covered I moved, she saw something out of the corner of her screen, we froze. It was an ambush, we had somehow worked our way around the side of an ambush. I watched her crawl for a 100 meters between the trees and boulders, a few feet at a time while I sat between two rocks and covered her with my scope. When within Range she lobbed two nades right in between them, boom and I opened up with a full clip, just in case.

Suddenly the whole valley erupted with fire, they had backup, but the backup hadn't seen us and at the same time our squads came into range. We could hear the trucks on the road some distance off and we could hear someone trying to get and APC up through the valley to give us backup. Mary and I booked DiTi Mall for the high ground to offer a cross fire, but by the time we got there the fight was over.

We were off again, she looked across the office at me with that look she only gives the kids when they are about to do something incredibly stupid, the MOM look, but we were off again. Another 100 meters in and the main body was waiting for our OK to move out and boom right in front of us, a full 6 man Mec squad had just past us heading north away from us, we dropped, became part of the terrain and watched them move away, it was so realistic that I was breaking out in a sweat. We reported their position and gave them a few minutes and began to move north east towards our assigned assembly area to secure it and wait for the main body.

Not 30 meters in front of us came a two man enemy patrol, they hadn't seen us, we swept left and right off the main path, as they past us Gunner's Mate nailed one with her knife, and I the other, it was her first knife kill ever.

Word came down through the channels that our forces on the western side of the battle were having a rough time of it as the MEC were launching a two prong attack, one from their main base and one from the Eastern OBJ, time was of the essence, they had been able to neutralize the flag but could move it no further. We had to move or the battle would be lost.

We moved fast, running in the open walking as swiftly as possible while under cover, we threw caution to the wind, we kept to the low ground as much as possible, keeping the big boulders and hills on our left and right and made a direct shot towards to move point assigned to us, at this time we had given up hope of building an FP and figured to rely heavily on rally points, there was no way go get supplies to that bunker through that intense enemy fire.

We moved in had a few skirmishes got wounded pretty good but were lucky enough to have our medics and main body just a few minutes behind us. Then it hit, the MEC were in place and ready for us. They had the high ground, they had the bunkers. There was firing to the North, firing to the west, nades going off in the valley below us, rockets trying to pin us down, with screams for medics everywhere we advanced, we had to under the heavy fire of machine guns, taking causalities left and right, the medics never stopped moving, leaders fell more rose to replace them, inch by inch we moved, some of our in a frenzy of true heroic splendor, one guy sacrificed himself to get in nade through the window of a bunker that had us pinned down just to re spawn next to me 45 secs later with a big grin on his face. Coms were crackin, Voip was crackin you had to block it out just to think, but at the same time you took it all in.

They beat us back down the hills, and we worked our way back up, over and over again, God those guys were dug in, they were not going to give it up, everywhere you looked there were bodies and more men running over the hills and coming up through the valleys to reinforce both sides, I thought this is never going to end.

Then suddenly just like a John Wayne movie one of our APC's came flying around the northern road right into the middle of the fray, the gunner opened up on everything that moved, he broke them, they took him out and before they were able to hit him with an anti tank he gave us enough cover to get our forces into the bunker and secure it.

Well the long and short of it was that we took that objective that night, this was back in version 7.0 I think and it's the night we fell in love with PR. I was getting tired and we had been at it hard for a good 30 minutes. I asked my wife to look at her desk clock. She look over at me and said, It's 2 minutes till 11:00 We had started this round at 7:30, we had been at it for 3 1/2 hours.

Nothing has changed in this game since they day, and we have proven over and over again that a well trained disciplined squad cannot be beaten.

I know Mcluv was there for this epic battle, and I'm quite sure Wolverine was as well, I'll bet there are a lot of old timers in here that remember it, so you guys who have just discovered this game think about this night, it's always there for you.

Now I'm going to go get me a cup of coffee and take a dump, I'm an old man now and these two things are important to me.

2009-09-22, 20:00
Ah i remember mestia whit british :) used to be one of my favorites till the russians came, i dont know why but i used to like playing whit/against brits alot more

2009-09-23, 04:47
The one thing that I always disliked about the old militia maps was that it never felt realistic to me to have brits vs militia or chechens or whoever they were at the time. Now that its russians vs chechens, I love these maps even more. Especially fools road.

2009-09-23, 06:45
I'm sure you mean Militia instead of MEC, but who cares, I very much enjoyed it! And how awesome is it to play PR with your wife :D. I should try to confince my girlfriend really....... :p

2009-09-23, 06:52
I think this should be moved to 'Tales from the Front'.

2009-09-23, 07:06
I think this should be moved to 'Tales from the Front'.
Yep, what I was thinking ;). Thread moved.

2009-09-23, 13:34
Parent power activate?


2009-09-23, 14:02
nice story :P I miss Brits on the maps like Mestia :) was more fun zooming around in scimitars :D (and didn't feel unrealistic since Brits have been involved with Balkan's conflicts which could easily be depicted by the militia and who cares 'its fictional futuurrrre!')


Would be nice to see a map audit with Brits for a community match, (though would also be cool to see Russians on other maps for community matches also :P )

2009-09-23, 15:59
Community Match Night

We are going to kick off our first Community Match tonight all are welcome to join in, there will no catering to clans it's just a night to beat it out with a lot of laughs and have some fun.. 7:30 EST U.S. time

Our Project Realty server and mumble server.. PR server stock port for Mumble

See ya there