View Full Version : [Video] pr vid i made mish mash of 2

2009-09-21, 18:41
hi every1 made my second ever video my first one was a noob vid and this one is a little bit above noob lol im still learning ps how do you use sony vegas lol anyways here the background of the vid well i origionally was making 2 vids but got angry coz i couldnt use the editor so mish mashed them the best i could and you can tell lol anyways any comments or suggestions would be good, mad mike i know your their HELP ME lol

sorry edit the video is still processing on you tube watch this space lol

2009-09-21, 20:02
ok its ready just watched it aint great but im still learning, at least its in hd lol

YouTube - project reality- through our eyes (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3u35N_mjBCk)

2009-09-21, 23:30
Vey good vid mate.
the story line to it was really interesting just need to work on BR mate and tht would be perfect

2009-09-21, 23:54
Nice vid, you made a history line for it and I really enjoyed that.