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2009-09-20, 08:55
This isn't a slight against the guys at FH2 (and no offence if anyone was involved in doing the voices here, it's not the quality of the voices at all. Just the phrasing) they've done a great job.

But I had a go the other day and played the Aussie map against the Italians. It was like watching an episode of The Sullivans lol. So I know you guys may or may not agree, but I hope we do convay a level of professionalism in the phrasing with the PR voices. I mean sure, throw in the odd bit of slang , the informal reply, the odd cuss word. But we do take ourselves seriously when we have to

2009-09-20, 08:57
oh man are you in for a surprise!:oops:

2009-09-20, 08:58
*runs* I think I know what you mean! They're in it aren't they :P

2009-09-20, 09:05

2009-09-20, 09:11
TONNIE EDIT: ppl must not see my face
here are the offenders!

2009-09-20, 09:12
lol I KNEW IT. Nice work on the sound quality though, you weren't kidding!

2009-09-20, 09:39
The FH2 ones are done by some dude in his study/lounge whatever and he's talking at a normal volume, whereas we were in a studio so had a lot more room to 'express' ourselves (except for the dying noises, I sucked at those :-P)

They turned out quite well and I'm happy with the voices. Hopefully everyone else will like them.

Reddish Red
2009-09-20, 09:42
I really hope the dying sound is the same as the Canadian one in BF1942.

He just says "Darn" really oddly. Canadians are so dissapointed that they die

2009-09-20, 09:53
who says "darn" sounds too urrm pommy lol... we are more likely to curse who ever shot us with every word under the sun

2009-09-20, 10:08
lol Fark me dead! *gaahhuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...*

I've heard some of the Aussie voices you guys did, and I have to say. They turned out to be what I had in mind, nice work ;). Passionate, but not over the top, informal but not too ocka

Reddish Red
2009-09-20, 10:32
Tonnie;1141610']who says "darn" sounds too urrm pommy lol... we are more likely to curse who ever shot us with every word under the sun

Its not the word, its the fact that it sounded the same if he dropped something by accident, not get shot