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2009-09-19, 00:18
Some hours ago on 10th Server #2

First, I have to admit, there is a place I always am when playing insurgent in Ramiel. I'm camping A4. The Americans love to use the westernmost streets to rush north inside the city. So I carefully plant my mines and IEDs there to prevent them from doing this. Most of the times, I get one or two supplytrucks and one to two Humvees before the Americans try other ways to rush the city. Today, it was my lucky day.
At first, I failed in destroying a bydriving Supply/Humvee Convoy, they were too far away from the IED and only got damaged a little. So I went to the nearby cache and resupplied. I laid a mine in the westernmost street, planted my IED in the blue car's boot and went prone in the warm, lovely nest of this pile of garbage. Some Minutes later the LB is hovering over my head, so I decide to shoot at it, just a little. But then I hear the heavy sounds of the Black Hawk's rotors. I watch in awe as I see it landing right in front of me, just two meters away from a mine, maybe five meters from my precious little IED. Soldiers bail out, running to the blue car. For all my gaping I nearly forgot the cellphone in my hand. The whining of the ejecting crate sounds, and I carefully press the trigger.
Bodies flying through the air, the Black Hawk starts to burn and the crew emerges. I shoot the Pilot and run around to check for other survivors. I see another guy with pilot suit take cover behind the crate, so I run there to finish him, but he already took a SAW and I went into a full blast.
Later on I killed some soldiers with my SKS while I went to my position and managed to take out an empty Humvee (killed the driver before) and a Humvee with a crew of three.
In the end we won 70-0, and I had one of my best games on Ramiel.

I've watched the BR-files, now I know I had the last kill too, a stryker just went straight into my mine:lol:
Attached some pictures from BR too. It was a bloody massacre.
€dit2: I know the distances aren't right, but let's keep it, it was how I felt distances were...

2009-09-19, 01:30
Lol nice, an easier way to attract blackhawks is by picking up a enemy SL kit and pop some signal smoke, then put a ied in it XD

You'll be surprised how often it works

2009-09-19, 02:23
LOL epic win :P