View Full Version : [Video] My little ad for PR

2009-09-17, 18:03
I created a little video, not a movie. it is only 1:30 long... more like an advertising I guess.
I hope you guys like it!


2009-09-17, 18:16
very nice indeed

2009-09-17, 18:18
yep thats why i play PR, cod4 and arma suck(for me)

2009-09-17, 18:22
Nice :) I liked the BSG style camera work :)

2009-09-17, 18:44
Good vid! Nice ingame footage :)
What's the music at the ending credits? It sounds familiar...

2009-09-17, 19:06
thx... its from spy game. :)

2009-09-17, 19:16
Very, very nice vid Hunter, as always :)

2009-09-18, 00:11
HAha thats such a cool advertising.
Whats the name of the final music?

ah and P.S. YES the video was great but I wouldve loved to be the sentence Right after "Project Reality" "Teamwork like no other."

2009-09-18, 09:12
Oh, PRT Barracuda FAV Rush ;)

Awesome as usual Hunter. :)

2009-09-19, 05:26
Awesome video HunterMed!! :D

If you need anyone to help with your videos i.e. players/servers and such, I would like to extend a helping hand with my clan. Can bring 15-20 players on short notice and more if scheduled.

We actually thought of making a video with audio from a show of Cops using US vs Insurgents.
Just thinking of playing the music of "bad boys" and riding around looking for durkas in a humvee makes me smile :)

Hit me up on xfire or our website-(]CIA[ Covert Infiltrate Assault Clan (http://ciagamingclan.com/)) not trying to recruit or anything. Just want to see more positive stuff for PR out there besides the HUGE amount of griefers posting their trash.

xfire is "Roguebone"

]CIA[ Clan Leader Roguehellhound

2009-09-19, 12:59
Very very nice video there Hunter 8-)

2009-09-19, 14:43
I like how you show games with stunning and modern graphics and then cut to a bunch of buggy thing to show that it is better, hehehe :D

But yea still a really good video :)

2009-09-19, 15:22
very good vid mate. :razz:

2009-09-19, 16:26

I wanted to point out what I guess many PR players experience:
no matter how good the graphic engines of new games are, no matter if there is a zombie running across the street, no matter if it is nonstop action: PR stays my home, my main game. :)

2009-09-19, 16:51
PR stays my home, my main game. :)

Damn straight 8)

2009-09-19, 17:15
Damn good vid)))!!!!

2009-09-19, 23:22
should of added realitymod website aswell

2009-09-27, 19:54
best non dev promtion of project reality i have seen to date.

2009-09-28, 15:03
Cool, awesome job. I'd personally leave the clip of a MEC solider using an epipen on another solider. When he get's back up and they clip into eachother it just kinda lowers the cool feel the rest of the movie had.

2009-10-02, 22:36
Is that music from some splinter cell maybe? lol