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2009-09-16, 18:44
Hello, my name is w1den [also Viden elsewhere] and Im here to tell the story of what happened to me a bit more than year ago. It is still haunting me in my dreams and here I am, writing this.

It all started when I was sent to Kashan [a big desert] in 2008. I was quite experienced soldier already and I was sent there because there was alot of fighting in that region. My job was being secret-ops and co-pilot for Little Bird.
Operation Bird Freedom was going on.

I was waiting at base for Little Bird to come pick me up, my mission was to recon the outpost area, while the pilot is flying. After getting in, we greeted eachother and headed out. We were flying very low, because of enemy AA alerts in the area. It was then when i really realized what i've got myself into, flying in Little-Bird in the desert hot-zone.....but what's done is done.

To our surprise, the area was rather clear, no tanks, apc, AA. We were actually really surprised, because squad nearby reported heavy losses. We thought it was the enemy soldiers then, but they can't harm us so we're good to go and recon more. As we did some more recon, i really felt something weird, I knew something wasn't right, it was too quiet, if you know what I mean.

I was checking the buildings in the area when SUDDENLY i heard a loud one-shot bang, i quickly looked to right, only to see pilot laying down on the controls, head down and so on, alot of blood in the cockpit. The way I felt at that moment, is just extraordinary, it was so unexpected.
But I did whatever came to mind, our Little Bird started losing altidude fast (although we were flying extremely low and fast).
Because we both had pilot training (read: pilot kits), i jumped quickly to flying controls and tried to stabilize it.
Now the most amazing part was that the Little Bird rather softly ended up on the ground, still intact and fine, but it was still sliding a bit on the ground.
Even though it was still sliding, i jumped out, cracked my leg bone.
It was then when the Little Bird rolled over to the side and exploded.
I didn't die from jumping out neither the explosion, but i just proned and was really stunned in every way of what just happened.

Luckily there was nearby squad with Hummer and medic.
I survived the whole thing, but the man who I didnt know much yet, died from that ONE perfectly aimed shot.......
I never got to see or know the enemy sniper, but he definately was very skilled.
Since then i quited from Co-Pilot job and stayed secret-ops.

This was my story, which really happened.
RIP the pilot, you were a very good pilot, with extremely good handling and flying skills, you will be missed.

(yes this really happened in game, i didnt fantasize)

2009-09-16, 19:34
why does this haunt you id just think when i have this dream over and over again id be like cant wait to have that dream tonight lol.

2009-09-16, 20:19
Kinda "Behind Enemy Lines", except it was with a chopper instead of a jet? :D None the less - great story :)

2009-09-17, 03:44
That was hilarious to read.
I like your story telling.
And I can imagine every scene of it, I can even feel your chill! Are a writer?

Anyways I think I`m gonna ask you to write my next stories...

cheers! GJ!

2009-09-17, 13:40
Thanks everyone!

To be honest, im not an writer, but yeah I like myself too the way i tell the story, makes it a bit different! :)

All this wouldn't happened without of this wonderful mod.

2010-02-13, 20:20
After a short break I'm back to bump this thread, so just maybe some people could read it :)