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2009-09-12, 08:30
Well here is my story of yesterday:
The game just started, I was on the Taliban side, with two friends of mine: Mr.Keupink and David.Hunter.

Part 1:
We spawned at main, took the Big Red and 1 Technical, I had the Big Red.
Now the story really begins.
Hueys are flying over and over, Humvee's all over the place.
We saw an FB and we wanted to go straight for it, so said so done...
The technical ahead (200m) and Big Red Behind.
Technical found out that it was to dangerous because when they drove in they were blewn up by a Landmine.
But I had an idea, drove the BR at the hilltop and had a perfect view on the FB.
I drove down, saw like 10-15 USMC soldiers, rammed 4 with my Big Red, drove the Big Red next to the FB and.... BOOOOOOOM.

Everyone at the (destroyed FB) was dead and our mision was completed, until a new CO came in the game, dunno he's name anymore but the tag was: OS-D.
Here begins part 2.

Part 2:
Let's go on, so the new CO gave us a new Objective, Defend the Cach, west of the Castle.
We were there with the three of us, and hueys were flying over all the time.
The USMC found us, so we set up defensive positions, and support came to us.
All fine, but we heard 2 Hueys somewhere and didn't know where.
Until 2 full USMC squads arrived; 12 people against 9.
I was greatful that our Grenade Traps worked, 3 USMC soldiers have been took out by that.
Now came the fun part.
We felt back to our cach, with more grenade traps, RPG's, and Smoke all over the place.
We heard they were coming into the cave, the grenade traps were exploded, so there must be 3 more Soldiers down...
6 Left against 6...
The smoke almost disappeared and we set weapens; automatic.
When the smoke was totaly disappeared we saw the last USMC soldiers climbing up the ladders.
We chased them, they stepped into the Huey and they were gone... The noobs...
We saw them landing into the base like 600m north of our cach, when I looked good, there was a Fire Base, MG nest en like 16 people over there.
I was so happy when the CO said: Area Attack, ready for Splat!
So I asked for it and 20 sec later the Artillery hitted target.
Soldiers flew over the place and lots of explosion over there.
Here is a picture:

After this, there were like 10 boring minutes and we won the game with 63-0

Thanks for reading this story!

2009-09-12, 11:23
sounds like a good round :D
btw when you say Tactical do u mean technical? (jeep with 50.cal on back)
ps, game chat. Rudd Medicman is everywhere :razz:

2009-09-12, 16:24
Yea, thats what I ment :P
I will change it!

2009-09-12, 18:48
haha ''kk vet'' :razz:

2009-09-13, 20:54
i think you mean it happened on 11/9

2009-09-14, 16:16
Yea, but it's the same though ;)

2009-09-14, 16:16
But this game was wonderful ;) XD