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2009-09-09, 15:31
Alright, before i get started. I just want to say that the footage in this was not created by me. I've taken the trailers from the homepage, and mashed them together to make a montage.

I did this to show my appreciation for Project Reality, and its mod team who i'm sure everyone will agree have done an amazing job over the past couple of years.

Anyways, with that being said. I'd ask that you direct your eyes to the video below.


2009-09-09, 15:42
Excellent montage! You truly did a wonderful job. Hope to see more in the future.
I love PR...

2009-09-09, 15:54
Nice work! I know I would be dying to play PR if I saw that :)

Edit; Actually, I think I have to play some right now. Damn you lol :D

2009-09-09, 16:11
Nice movie, really great work!
It actually reminds me of the intro to BF1942. It has the same epic feel to the music :)

2009-09-09, 16:17
Thanks guys for the kind comments.

2009-09-09, 16:24
Very atmospheric (or how its written) footage.

Would be a good trailer for PR.

Sgt.Desert Tiger[TR]
2009-09-09, 16:32
Nice work :).If you can improve that I am sure that you can do it better than other game trailers

2009-09-09, 17:01
Really good video mate!
The music fitted in well with the footage :D
id say sign him on the pr team ;)

2009-09-09, 18:06
wouldve been perfect if the jdam was timed more earlier :razz:
verry well done none the less!

2009-09-09, 19:06
Really good video mate!
The music fitted in well with the footage :D
id say sign him on the pr team ;)

Lol, gladly.

As for the jdam, looking back on it, it kinda stutters before it drops. I dont know whether that was the render or the actual trailer.

2009-09-09, 19:20
Well done mate! NOW MAKE A NEW ONE! I want MORE!

2009-09-09, 19:33
I enjoyed it, good job!


2009-09-16, 00:08
Ta, very much <3.

2009-09-16, 00:43
Loved it good job

2009-09-16, 02:58
Good work buddy , i enjoyed watching it !
good choice of music btw , it fits the parts just right !

2009-09-16, 03:26
everything good put into one awsome vid


2009-09-17, 03:37
thats just so cool.
I`d love if u had only done with possible stuff tho (no paratroopers (mass pilot ejecting?) and NV Goggles :().
Otherwise very sweet. I really could see it as an official video. Maybe on project reality's youtube channel and main page? Any R-MODs here?

2009-09-19, 18:51
that's a nice vid. I see a lot of the footage taken from the 0.5 PR trailer. The Pr 0.5 trailer is the best PR vid out ther however this one isnt far off.

2009-09-19, 21:53
That video is awesome, nice work!