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2009-09-09, 06:50

(Clicky for HD quality, low res version is for 56 k'ers :P )

About a week ago, during a boring round on Karbala, I made a sportsmans bet that in just 7 days I could make a video that could bring in not only hardcore realism fan to play PR, but also attract other fps gamers. I foolishly said this was an easy feat, and was given the task of making a video which:

Only had 7 days worth of filming ang 1 day of editing

No set script pieces

Must be interesting

Must be able to recruit a hardcore realism fan, and a normal fps pubbie

To not make "another sucky slow mo FX Project reality movie featuring black hawk down music and crashing helos and stuff" -(quoted) war video)

This was extremely difficult, and the above is the fruits of my labour. I called it 7 days of PR, and it was me sharing my experiences in PR in the most interesting way possible. (Very very &*^$*@ Hard!!!!!!) Unfortunatly it sounds as if most of the squads I play with are mute. This is simply something wrong with my audio card not being able to record mumble/vent/voip at the same time, but it left the in-game sounds, so it was a sacrifice I was willing to make. (You can notice at times IED's blow up and APC's aim at targets etc but no screaming Squad member voices.) My PC would also crash whenever I tried to record my commanding rounds, so if I do look like a c4 happy Vbf2 happy player, I'm really not. But it was fun :P

So I put it to you Mr. (ex) R-dev evilhomer that I won the competition, and will let the community decide who is the winner of our little bet!

2009-09-09, 07:16
:grin:8) Fragfest? :mrgreen::D

Good Video but it needs more of the squad members yelling out contacts into VOIP.
Bring in some of that intense action.

mazur mikola
2009-09-09, 08:57
awesom video
action dont stop

2009-09-09, 09:22
You won.

Fuck I wish my deviation was the same as your's :\

2009-09-09, 10:10
So that's what you two were up to... nice one

2009-09-09, 13:07
good vid mate!
we need more like this..

2009-09-09, 13:45
My favorite part was the MP5 rapage haha, awesome video.

2009-09-09, 13:57
Really cool action packed video! If you say you want votes I would say you didnt capture the stuff the hard-core player would like. It seemed more like a fragfest. But thats not ure fault as you stated, the VOIP voices could not be captured. It was an excellent video tho :)

2009-09-09, 14:07
Meh its ok :P
Nah i would say for 1 week and only pub games and no real intented script i would say its a pretty good vid bravo bravo.

2009-09-09, 15:01
Haha i think i was the one in the blackhawk shooting at you, had a good round over 19 kills

2009-09-09, 16:05
needz moar hanz zimmer


Very awesome video, some great footage, would have loved to hear all the voice chatter, but I understand your situation

2009-09-09, 16:27
Unforunate about not being able to record voices, cool nonetheless though.

2009-09-09, 16:48
im liking it...straight up experiences, nice and simple..

2009-09-09, 17:00
No doubting you would have gotten the normal FPS pubbie, all the booms and explosions and other shiny things would have grabbed them, the hardcore gamer though... probably the airstrike is what would have gotten him. Lased, smoked and dropped, it was beautiful, oh and the one scene with the APC being destroyed by C4 on the bridge where someone calls "Now" to the guy with the det. Nice video.

2009-09-09, 17:10
Recording Voices? Susan has no mic!, Nice video though :).

2009-09-09, 17:34
Wish I could have your babiez, maybe they could kill more than one guy with an AK47 :(

2009-09-09, 19:52
Thats the game I love :-D

Very nice vid, didn't quite capture the hardcore element except in the airstrike but thats more to do with the lack of voices and the fact that there were so many vehicles taken out with C4/mines/IEDs.

2009-09-09, 22:05
Ha, really cool vid :D

Mj Pain
2009-09-09, 22:09
Like one of my PR wetdreams...

Sgt. Mahi
2009-09-10, 00:18
Haha I loved the intro were the text says:

These are some of my experiences...

... And a guy goes:

"Infidels at my locations"

Great video

2009-09-10, 00:23
Some nice scenes there Matrox... would like to see more teamwork instead of frags, but nice nonetheless. :)

2009-09-10, 00:56
Cool stuff. the concept is killer.

2009-09-10, 01:18
Nice video, but

"If you're looking for epic insurgency... or amazing combined arms work, then you will be dissapointed" (1:19)

lol wut

2009-09-10, 11:10
That's a very nice video. Good choice of music btw.

2009-09-10, 17:10
Cheers for the kind words gents.

You must keep in mind however, that i struggled to get a few mins of action together. If it were a video of me dying a lot, then the whole thing would have been far easier! Sometimes you just get very very very lucky and get to see some awesome moments.

hopefully if i ever do try and make another video, i will be able to sort the sound out and should have another item out for you to enjoy!

2009-09-10, 21:48
I keep hearing the music at the beginning, and it has grown on me.

Awesome video, I've fallen in love with this mod.

2009-09-11, 05:08
I loved it ! nice work buddy :)
good work on the editing skills too , i liked the way you showcased everything at the beginning !

10/10 :thumbsup:

2009-09-11, 05:09
Nice Video I really enjoyed watching it :)

2009-09-11, 05:11
Great Video, specially since it was all on public servers

p.s love the song, whats it called?

2009-09-11, 11:22
very good!

2009-09-11, 11:42
Great Video, specially since it was all on public servers

p.s love the song, whats it called?

From the video description...

Dreamscape (Long edit) - 009 Soundsystem
Bells - Vitalic featuring Linda Lamb
Clare de Lune - Debussey

Nice video.:)

2009-09-11, 17:08
From the video description...

yeah my bad, i had just got back from clubbing and very drunk when i posted lol

love the video sober as well :grin:

2009-09-11, 18:14
Nice video indeed :)

2009-09-11, 18:46
I think you should make a vid that you spend a month on showing the epic teamwork moments and mumble TS vent cowork.

And use platoons etc... Like show what this mod really can do!

2009-09-11, 21:28
There is enough vids of that Wicca ;)

That was a really good vid with the rigth soundtracks for the whole vid.

2009-09-12, 00:21
Nice Break from the norm of Long winded videos man, and some epic scenes of what you can expect from nearly every round :)

Plus, Vitalic = !!!! win.

2009-09-15, 15:40
where is hans zimmer's songs ? You cant make a good movie without that songs. ^^ fail.

nice movie.epic win. ^^

2009-09-16, 20:36
very good Matrox, that's the video I'll show mates when they ask what PR is, never any good ones to show it

2009-09-20, 04:50
Cool, is this 0.87?

2009-09-20, 13:32
One thing I dont understand.. the text says: if you are looking for combined arms or something you will be dissappointed.

Hows that? I mean in PR generally the different branches work OK together, at least better as in most games?

as said very good video though!