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2009-09-07, 19:34
I was bored so ive put up this AAR :razz:

So i joined a server on FH2.2, and i saw fuzzhead was playing in a teamwork squad(not SLing).
and i was like '' Wow am i dreaming, teamwork in FH2? '' so i joined the squad and their was nice chatter ingame about movement and such absolutley brilliant compared to the silent squads and everyone going everywhere.

So this is the story about my first contact till the end of the game;

''We were around the causeway untill a bazooka's rocket landed right between 2 bodies wich let them fly up in the air. we all went down to cover and fuzzhead and other squadmembers started fireing with the rifles and FG42's, our squadleader told us to hold the left flank while the rest could do the causeway.
So we move up towards the left flank, wich is partly flooded and most part just plain open ground with some trees/hedges/walls.

We all setted up, and tried to pick people off that where going from cover to cover over the open grounds.
eventualy the enemie became smarter and started to crawl trough the hedges, wich we didnt see coming.

Some flashes here and there comming out of the hedges and we got shot one after the other, fuzzhead and the squadleader cluttered the radio full with contacts and orders, while we obeyed them and respawned and fell back. at the moment we lost the flags allready till the causeway.

We setted up in some farm kinda setting area with haybales, some small irrigation ditches and some walls that could cover us. i tried to peek over my head, but got shot immeadtly by a thompson, so i told my squadleader; ''theyre close, frag the gap in the wall theyre coming in''
So they trew in frags, some went off to quikly and some went off abit to late, so we inflicted minimal damage with those nades, US thompsons and m1a1 Carbines started spraying and shooting and we got killed slowly one after the other.

The squadleader respawned back at the summers mansion and i spawned shortly after him, he went to the machine gun outpost covered by some bushes here and there.
I told him to get off, becouse he will be the first one to get shot, and he agreed.

Then fuzzhead came back from the slaughter i was in earlier at the wall with the broken gap, with 1 or 2 squadmates that also made it out alive, at that moment a flag fell behind us, and the whole squad reacted on it, but i had to stay on the MG34 mg nest.

So once the area was clear of friendly forces, the remaining forces from the causeway and bridge started moving east, wich was straight in my line of fire from the MG nest.
I told them to get back here, and they had to move from crossroad all the way back to the MG nest area, wich was a small 40 seconds walking since they took fire on the way back too.

So i aimed down the sight of the MG34 and picked off a few americans trying to cross the fields, and i had to change magazines on that gun becouse it kept running out once i took a paratrooper after paratrooper, the squadleader and fuzzhead said they where looking for ammo kits, but they couldnt find any. so i said ''GET UP HERE!! im running out of ammo'' at that moment i had 4 out of 11 mags left and i think at that moment i had around 10 kills on 11 deaths (caused by the slaughter before)

Eventualy i really started running out of ammo and had to keep controlling my bursts to a minimum (wich is hard if you look at the rate of fire of a mg34) and had to pick targets that where posing the biggest threats to me, the MG nest and the flags behind me.
So it was quite tough and hectic.

So at the moment i had 63 bullits left in the magazine, and was out off ammo, fuzzhead /the squadleader and the 3 other squadmembers came running over the fields move to the haybales to suppres them and kill them with grenades/mp40's

I was so relieved seeing those guys show up from me right.
With the last few bullits i managed to take out a few guys trying to sneak along fuzzhead and the squad and then had to switch to my kar98k.
At that moment i left the MG nest, and was relieved to see i had 25 on 11 deaths, fuzzhead/the squadleader and the other guys cleared the fields of a sniper/some last units and the round was over with us winning with around 80 tickets it was :razz:

http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/2280/naamloosed.jpg (http://img143.imageshack.us/i/naamloosed.jpg/) http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/naamloosed.jpg/1/w512.png (http://g.imageshack.us/img143/naamloosed.jpg/1/)

i made a mistake and should be placed abit more south east from the minimap.
I kept pinning them down, and fuzzhead and the squad saved me when i really ran out of ammo :razz:
I really felt like being a sneaky german that had a MG settup along a allied approach like in the documentary's and movie's :razz:

2009-09-08, 12:20
ya was a fun round arjan im glad you documented it hehe :)

too bad no videos.... you should all check out the FH2 mod its a fun game and has some immersive gameplay (along with alot of leftover elements from vbf2 unfortunately)

2009-09-08, 14:15
too bad no videos....

Yeah for some reason it didnt saved my screenshots, and i didnt had xfire online.
i took som from the MG some of you guys crossing the fields and such, but for some reason my screenshot folder aint showing up.

fuzzhead;1132786'](along with alot of leftover elements from vbf2 unfortunately)

Haha, so true. but still great for a semi realistic game (kinda)

2009-09-09, 09:22
I have to agree, I played with fuzzhead in a squad and teamwork in FH2 is, to say at least, rare.

I once held position on a PAK40 AT gun shooting down sherman after sherman, and blasting the everloving crap out of anything that came over the hedges. 'Twas fun.