View Full Version : [AAR] Good Pilots for the W..Loss ;/ nt though

2009-09-07, 02:57
-The Server was VIRGINIA USA PR .86 MIXED hosted by RRF and their allies

-Players involved ** L ** Warfighter-[GS], Badger02343, and me GreenTeaSake

-The map was Operation Barracuda

-I have 512 mb of ram, so me actually getting in when the round countdown is still active is an extreme rarity. When I did get in, I was still looking for a squad, all of them seemed to be locked, or full.

[] I managed to get into one, and was still on the carrier. All the squads were still on the deck, to sum it up, three choppers out of the four from the transport squad crashed or were shot down in the first 3 minutes or so.

[] We had a near team meltdown, Warfighter stated what happened, they all crashed, **note** he was not one of them. The three bad pilots left, Badger and I joined the squad. Along with Warfighter, after the choppers had spawned back, we helped ferry the whole team to the island, with Warfighter doing the majority of the workload. To sum it up, we only lost a total of four choppers the rest of the round, all due to enemy AA fire.

**Note** After I was shot down, I humped across the island to take out their AA and FOB solo.

[] Too sum it up, we did a good job, warfighter was the MVP no doubt.
We had a bad team, and as you can tell by the screenshot below, you know it's bad when the transport helo squad is the best squad...


2009-09-07, 06:02
Air Trans as top squad...

Nice, but sad at the same time.

2009-09-07, 08:28
This is why which us admins will be enforcing of pilots that crash or waste tickets because they do not know how to fly

2009-09-12, 21:37
good you guys was in the round or else i think the round would be like usual... sitting on the carrier

2009-09-13, 01:05
I was on the Muttrah map that was loading up at the moment u took that screeny.

You wouldnt happen to be the folks who were in the cobra would you? Cuz that cobra just hovered, and let itself get HAT sniped... It was actually pretty funny to see, but yeah.

(I killed those guys who took out the cobra, 4 of em, epic payback, go SAW!)

2009-09-14, 23:17
You know helo trans squads getting number #1 on sever is uncommon, but not as much as you would think. Transport actually racks up the points when your carrying full loads of men and not crashing every 20 minutes. I recall a few times when my squad was #1. Usually happens at barracuda because there is a bigger dependence on choppers there.