View Full Version : [Video] Project Reality v0.87 Tutorial- How To Build A Forward Outpost

2009-09-06, 01:41

2009-09-06, 01:59
People might think this is useless video but there are people out there that dont know how to place Fire base so nice job. ;)


2009-09-06, 02:03
Helpful video, but I wish you would have included when there is a commander.

When there was a commander, I can't even find the build order button. I spent at least a minute looking for the build order button and eventually just gave up.

2009-09-06, 03:03
is everything in ur vid maxed out?

btw u should give wire/HMGs/Foxholes tips!
btw we should increase the size of foxholes...

2009-09-06, 03:14
503, in what server you were playing that was requesting a build order? It shouldn't need it.

2009-09-06, 03:28
is everything in ur vid maxed out?

yes it is

2009-09-06, 03:33
dbzao;1130649']503, in what server you were playing that was requesting a build order? It shouldn't need it.

TG on Asad Khal. I had a Combat Engineer and was putting down a FB, but when I clicked the build FOB button, it said that I needed a build order from the commander.

2009-09-06, 03:38
Yeah, that's the only server having that issue, for some reason. We are talking to them trying to see what's going on. Try another server and see if it works.

2009-09-06, 03:49
yes it is

cool it looks nice
but my PC cant handle AA that well :-( specially on smoke

2009-09-06, 08:27
Its a nice start, but not that helpfull. You pretty much figure this out just by going trough the T menu. If you want to improve it heres how you could do it:

add the ranges of deployd objects (10 m for firebases, 5 for its defenses) and show people how to construct one using markers and those ranges. Also mention they should always try putting this in cover.

I think its cool that you took the initiative to make this and help the community! Lets not get confused about that, but the video itself could be improved :D

2009-09-08, 21:14
I love your signture