View Full Version : [AAR] Grandma

2009-09-03, 14:52
The round just ended on ramiel and me and my squad lead were singing Grandma got run over by a bomb car
i just find this hilarious lmao

Grandma got run over by a bomb car
walk down the main street in ramiel.....

2009-09-03, 15:10
dont really get it :razz:

2009-09-03, 16:36
its an american thing

2009-09-03, 22:26
Reminds me of the time (also on Ramiel, IIRC) when I was in a 5-man HMMVW squad and cachehunting. It was sunday afternoon/evening and so the SL (who is driving) starts singing Sunday Bloody Sunday. Underneath him I can hear someone else trying to talk, and I'm telling him to stop singing U2 fail. BOOM. The other guy was trying to tell us there was a mine right in front of the HMMVW. U2 is NOT allowed in my squads at all, no matter how much you think it might be good mumble theme music. It's not.