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2009-08-26, 15:51
Last night, on the way home from work I picked up a copy of BF2 with Special Forces and the other two addon packs for a nice price (£9.99 at GAME) with the intention of playing PR. A good friend had been raving about PR for a fair while and finally got me interested enough to get it.

My first impression was good, the mod looked of high quality, the forums are 99% mature and useful posts (unlike 99% of the internet), even downloading nearly 3.5gb worth of files to install the mod was not too painful on my somewhat lacking internet connection.

I was a little worried about the requirement of joining squads and following orders, the avalibility of certain kits etc but my concerns were not warranted.

Everyone I spoke to on the server(s) were a great help and very understanding of my skill level. I picked up on the game very quickly, being new to PR but an experienced FPS player.

The game is very different to my normal "haunts", being, Counterstrike 1.6, COD4 and Black Hawk Down. However I do concider it to be a beter game, more my prefered style of game play and game pace.

I spent a little over two hours playing in different training servers, messing around with player movement, land based vehicles and iron sights. This alone is somthing many, many games could benifit from (the use of training specific servers).

I managed to play a few games on "regular" servers, I find myself prefering Insurgency games over AAS, playing as a civi was fun and different, IED's were fun until i accidently blew our cache, I decided to not be so trigger happy with IED's after that.

During one game I aquired a Marksman kit, was great fun although trying to stop a car, intent on running me over, alone was not a task to be taken lightly and i was promtly splattered several feet down the road.

I have mass emailed my intire clan (long time multiplayer game friends, since DF2) of 22 people, who play a mix of FPS and RTS/MMO suggesting that we should all get on PR. We have been looking to get into Opperation Flashpoint 2 upon release but a fair few of our guys will not be able to run it so PR, being as good as (imo) will be a great comprimise.

TLDR: I love it! Great atmosphear, good players, friendly servers and awesome gameplay. I look forward to getting some hours in over the bank holiday weekend.

2009-08-26, 16:13
PR is the way forward!!!!

2009-08-27, 12:56
Played again last night and really got into the squad play as a rifleman. Although i know the principle behind cover techniques etc I have never seen or used them myself until the games last night.

The satisfaction of the kill, the fear of the fight. I have never got an adrenaline buzz in a game like this, the only time i have felt like that online is playing EVE-Online pvping.

2009-08-27, 13:18
It's very good, it gets even better when you join a good, well lead squad. Joining squads with clan Tags is always a good idea, as most clans have good SLs and use teamwork, though you do run the risk of being kicked to make room. Joining PRT (when and if they open sign ups again :() and/or an active clan is always a good idea once you get more experience.

It's a great feeling when you've got an enemy squad pinned down adn you are watching your flank team advance with grenades and smoke. Aaaah I love PR.

2009-08-27, 13:19
Yep, PR is THE game out there. No doubt.

Could other games learn from PR? Yes, again, no doubt.

Cool to read your thread.

2009-08-27, 13:38
PR is a great game and you got a good friend to get you hooked on it.
Am I sensing more posts about your journy from new to experianced PR player?
Was fun to read too ;)

2009-08-27, 13:39
Welcome to PR, and glad to hear that you like it :)

2009-08-27, 13:48
Thanks for the replys guys.

I do intend to write more about my expirences, i suck at writing, im a webdesigner so i comprihend images better than words lol.

I will look at writing a few posts as I go.

2009-08-27, 14:35
have you tried it with mumble yet ? the mumble part adds a lot more to the overall team play.

2009-08-27, 14:36
No i have not used mumble yet however I am going to be playing with RIP on ven hopfully wich i assume is similar? I have never used mumble but I assume it is just another VOIP program?

2009-08-27, 14:49
no its nothing like ven or any other. when you use local any one withing 70 metre can hear you, increasing in volume the closer they get, the sl's have their own chanel so they can work closer and coordinate together and you can inform the enemy apc that you just stuck an ied to his ass.
and it does add a lot to the game imo

2009-08-27, 14:52
No i have not used mumble yet however I am going to be playing with RIP on ven hopfully wich i assume is similar? I have never used mumble but I assume it is just another VOIP program?

just? JUST!?! It's not just another VOIP program, it's simply awesome.

Check this. (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f10-pr-general-discussion/53937-mumble-voice-program-project-reality.html)

2009-08-27, 14:55
wow looks really good. Maybe a little confusing at first, will play with it tonight. Thanks guys :)

2009-08-27, 15:01
just? JUST!?! It's not just another VOIP program, it's simply awesome.

or this. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhG9O2NCmiU&feature=relatedl)

epic lolz

2009-08-27, 15:10
Yeah, or that... :p

2009-08-27, 15:21
Glad you love it, mate

As mentioned, look into eventually checking out a mumble server with mumble installed. Itll shoot your love of PR through the roof.

Mumble is positional audio, so once in game, you can talk to EVERYONE within 75 meters of your player. So all teammates can talk to one another, plan out things, etc without having to type everything out. Also, hopping in a helo and just SAYING where to take you is a great plus.

Theres also a squad leader radio channel in it so all SLs are linked in separate comms from other players

2009-08-27, 15:28
Cant wait to get onit tonight now lol

2009-08-27, 15:41
When you get on a mumble server and join its channel your positional audio wont effect until you spawn in the game.
So never ever talk before spawning this will cause all other players on mumble to hear you.You will propably get muted.

If you have any issues with mumble or any kind of questions about pr or anything add me up in xfire my username:loladino

2009-08-27, 15:44
Cant wait to get onit tonight now lol

well the rt locked mumble server is always full in the evening and well worth the wait to get on.
password is easy to guess but if your stuck it's on the "mumble" chanel when you join.

2009-08-27, 15:50
-Just a few pointers since you're new to mumble:

1. If you're running Vista, run the game as admin.
2. If you're unable to speak on the server you need to suppress your shortcuts.
3. Until you've spawned on the battlefield you will hear everyone in the mumble channel, you should mute your sound or mumble until you spawn.
4. Do not jump into a mumble channel and say "mic check" or anything like that. Until you've spawned you don't talk as everyone can hear you and it will be disruptive to them. Do any mic checks and so on after you spawn in game.

-The largest Mumble community right now is the Reality Teamwork (http://www.realityteamwork.com/forum/index.php) community, which also provides excellent gameplay. When the server is passworded do not ask for the password in mumble, it is shown in the top left corner box of your mumble client.

2009-08-27, 16:54
welcome to the community and the mod :D

2009-08-28, 09:28
Thanks for all the pointers guys and the welcomes :D

Have been invited to join RIP, will be nice to atleast go through training with them.

2009-08-28, 10:04
Welcome to the community, glad you enjoy the mod, nice to see a new player come in and update us on his experiences. We welcome you to keep posting here and updating your thread, it gives good motivations to the developers for future versions :)

LOL @ bondsan's video I forgot about that one.

2009-09-02, 19:31
I havent played PR yet but i am looking forward to it, because so many say its awsome and reading something that tells how good it is makes me more excited:grin::mrgreen:

2009-09-02, 20:53
Now, HUNDIR is a nice example...he joined the forums before playing not just Dl the mod and then go to forums and tell us how it sucks...

Take your time and go through the manual if you have a chance :D