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2009-08-25, 01:16

Hey guys,

So here is one of the projects I have been working on. After allot of playing, watching and experiencing we are going to be updating the fox holes. The Major problem was the lack of being able to enter it without jumping. This one will be a little larger and hopefully more protection.

This is WIP as we do some testing and visual fixes. Coloring is not 100% correct as its just placed in the editor.

2009-08-25, 01:21
Good stuff.

perfect fix.

2009-08-25, 01:21
hot i like it!

are they gonna be a good height to shoot while crouching?

2009-08-25, 01:25
These look much more detailed than the current ones. And its good to see that they are directional.. PR needed these :D


2009-08-25, 01:34
ive wanted to suggest this many times but for some reason havn't :D epic work.

2009-08-25, 01:35
Looking pretty good, if I do say so myself. Any chance of getting personal foxholes soon?

2009-08-25, 01:40
Looking pretty good, if I do say so myself. Any chance of getting personal foxholes soon?

You mean like a oil can surrounded by dirt? No :-P

2009-08-25, 01:43
Looks great Fox! I heard you mention them yesterday, and here they are! Yuo = Win!


2009-08-25, 01:55
Yay! No more ridiculous jumping in to save yourself but just getting shot instead escapades.

2009-08-25, 02:12
looks pretty good :)

2009-08-25, 02:20
I like it. Now a grenade is no longer a sign of certain death. I'm so bad at jumping that whenever a grenade lands in a foxhole with me, I just stare at it like "Hey, a grenade, hmmm, that's nice. Well, this really fuc-"

2009-08-25, 02:22
Looks awesome good work.

2009-08-25, 02:28
These are looking great.

2009-08-25, 02:46
It's very nice.

2009-08-25, 03:39
Love it, no longer need to jump for dear life while bullets are flying in my direction.

2009-08-25, 03:53
Win. Absolute win.

2009-08-25, 06:04
Excellent, I just said the other day we should put a entrance in the rear of em. My concern is with it actually being placed and how they like to go 5m in the air so I'll still have to jump in em, just not out.

2009-08-25, 06:10
Though i do wonder how this will do when surrounded =/

2009-08-25, 06:18
just place them so that the entrance is on the side facing your FOB. If you get shot in the back you were probably doomed anyway.

2009-08-25, 06:25
Looking very good!

2009-08-25, 06:57
I like those very much. I'm also aware of some engine limitations, but still it's a bit frustrating that foxhole doesn't protect You at all from one direction. I'll live with that though ;) Good job!

2009-08-25, 07:11
What I'd really like is if it had better colouring for the Sandbags in relevant areas, desert = yellowish and woodland = brown or something.

But looks awesome none-the less.

2009-08-25, 07:32
Maybe at one point we will redo the textures. But for now I need to make sure all the deployables look the same :-P

2009-08-25, 08:18
Great job on the foxholes :)

I wish the old wire could be put in, and have steel hedgehogs seperate.. =)

2009-08-25, 08:58
Those are being worked on as well.

2009-08-25, 09:18
I wish the old wire could be put in, and have steel hedgehogs seperate.. =)

CodeRedFox;1120457']Those are being worked on as well.

That is great news. Personally, I always liked the old wire. It was easy to place due to what I suppose is it's smaller footprint. It is great for blocking off points where only infantry can enter and the new wire is perfect for vehicles with the included tank traps.

The new sandbags look good so far. Keep the updates/improvements coming!

2009-08-25, 09:40
kewl but i have an question still have the issue with the roof of the Foxhole ?

2009-08-25, 11:44
Coderedfox for R-GOD.

2009-08-25, 15:41
Looks great!

2009-08-25, 16:14
no more Jakuzi? :(

so are we getting a minibar in this sweet thing then?

nice work btw!

2009-08-25, 17:15
Looks ace!

2009-08-25, 19:10
I can't see the pictures TT_TT

2009-08-25, 19:26
162eRI;1120788']I can't see the pictures TT_TT


2009-08-26, 22:39
i wtill think it would be good to keep the old one, but add the new one, like leftclick right click=P

that way if you want more defence, and tour more in the open, you can have a full closed one, but one ment for one direction, that would be better=)

edit: i only need 5 posts to catch up with tomato!=)

2009-08-26, 23:20
Great! i never liked foxholes before because going into them was a lot of the time a deathtrap, because you couldn't get out without getting shot, when enemy's were near. Now you can be sneaky and crawl out!

2009-08-27, 18:08
Nice, hope this will juice up the use of foxholes!

2009-08-28, 16:16
One word:


2009-08-28, 18:07
looks very good

2009-08-29, 05:42
CodeRedFox;1120457']Those are being worked on as well.

Luv <3

CodeRedFox for R-Jebus

2009-08-29, 18:37
looking alot better mate. good work!

2009-08-30, 16:12
Looking foward to being able to crawl away from nades!

2009-08-30, 17:36
It looks nice.

2009-08-30, 17:53
Funny I never had anyone get close enough to throw a nad in :-P

2009-09-13, 07:55
good job man.

2009-09-14, 13:20
I just love the fact you have given the foxhole a direction now and allowed easy access ^^
This will defantly incease the use of foxholes amazing work man ^^

2009-09-14, 13:27
It looks amazing keep it up!

Bob the builder fans will be happy :D

2009-09-14, 15:04
really great update.
One quick question though: Will you be tweaking the buildtime aswell? Because if you wanna take advantage of all the nice deployable assets you get per fb, digging/building them is just not fun anymore. What im saying is that it takes forever.

2009-09-14, 16:53
digging is great lol and to dig it is realistic :D

2009-09-14, 20:41
PR = best shovel simulator in existance.

Seriously though, they look great, can't wait to have them in game and have my squadies build them.

Expendable Grunt
2009-09-15, 01:59


2009-09-15, 14:24
It would be lot more usefull, if a Foxhole would be bould IN the ground... but it looks nice!

2009-09-15, 14:31
Very nice

2009-09-15, 14:38
it's more fox hill then fox hole :)

2009-09-18, 12:18
sweet update to the foxholes, always thougt it was hard to get out of them :mrgreen:

2009-09-18, 17:55
CodeRedFox;1124535']Funny I never had anyone get close enough to throw a nad in :-P

I wouldn't want anyone throwing their nads at my foxhole no matter how close they are...

major sharpe
2009-09-27, 01:59
looking realy nice, any chance thats some one may look in to insergents getting assets like this, like some tin roofing or barrels or somthing . would be awesome

2009-10-25, 06:52
I like, appears to offer a lot more protection than the current ones. The current ones practicly aren't even worth getting in unless you are desperate for cover.

Also looks like a nice one to add a motor version. A flat wooden surface with high walls and good spacing. Perfect to add a motor addition to the game ;). Just wishful thinking though.

2009-11-01, 00:10
I think we should have something like a MG port that has not a weapon by itself, but can be only used by an AR.