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2009-08-21, 13:18
Take your positions, soldiers! The Project Reality Team are proud to announce that our very own Project Reality Tournament (http://tournament.realitymod.com/) is about to re-open signups for Campaign 8! Whether you’re a casual gamer or veteran clan member, we have the ultimate Project Reality experience waiting for you.

Will you defend CATA, their oil, and their right to freedom? Or will you join forces with the NATO armies, in a last ditch attempt to save the West? Sign-up now and join the action!

Click on the image to find out how to sign up!

http://media.realitymod.com/news/prt/c8/c8signup.png (http://tournament.realitymod.com/showthread.php?t=24049)

The PRT Admin Team have been hard at work to ensure that the tournament infrastructure's all in place to make sure this campaign is the best yet! Along with the usual updates, improvements and new additions include:

Servers provided by our UK sponsors, Alpha-Networks (http://alpha-networks.co.uk/)

Fully automated signups - No delay in being assigned to a team!

Updated BattlePlanner - New areas and maps, and quicker to use!

Alternative game modes - Making use of PR's most exciting game modes!

Signups open on the 22nd August at precisely 20:00 hrs, PRT Time (http://tournament.realitymod.com/showthread.php?t=9280). You can check the Tournament site and keep an eye on the countdown to H Hour; when signups go live! Have fun in the Project Reality Tournament and see you on the battlefield, soldier!

UPDATE: Please note, that provisional signups have now closed. However, signups do re-open during Campiagns from time to time to replace inactive team members, so make sure you keep an eye on the tournament website!

-The Project Reality Team

2009-08-21, 13:37
We are actually getting decent servers with BR on? :shock:

2009-08-21, 14:35
hey cool!

a question:
i was banned from the PRT forums, maybe because i already sign up (cant remember if i did or just looked at) so can the ban be lifted?

this is the message i get:

vBulletin Message

You have been banned for the following reason:
No reason was specified.

Date the ban will be lifted: Never

EDIT: i just had to resgin the forums rules for some reasons :)

2009-08-21, 15:08
woot. This will be fun

2009-08-21, 16:00
Looking forward to seeing the interest :)

2009-08-21, 17:09
Oooh! Thinking about the Tournament makes my skin shiver!

2009-08-21, 19:20
Thanks to Alpha-Network for the servers!

2009-08-21, 20:52
So I've never played in the tourney, can it be compared to the community events?

2009-08-21, 23:23
So I've never played in the tourney, can it be compared to the community events?

The PRT is the pinnacle of competitive project reality gaming. The level of teamwork and organisation is far superior to that of the community events.

On the other hand it is a far more serious commitment. A campaign lasts months on end and each team generally expects you to be training or participating in battles 3 times a week at least. So make sure you can commit before signing up because when you do commit youself you will be rewarded with the best PR experience around.

2009-08-21, 23:27
Okay, the more teamplay the better. Am I bound to the team I sign up to, as I frequently see people on regular servers with CATA and NATO tags?

2009-08-21, 23:34
You can transfer between teams but most people stay on the team they choose or are assigned. Doesnt really matter what team your in youll enjoy it if you stay.

2009-08-21, 23:44
Sweet a tournament! Finaly I might get off the pub servers and into some real fun!

2009-08-21, 23:56
Wow, this sound insanely fun! I've been away from PR for a while and I'm not a super l33t player, but not the worst one either. Should I join ...?

2009-08-22, 00:14
If you are willing to put in the time and effort then there is no reason why anyone shouldn't sign up. I cannot stress those two factors enough however.

2009-08-22, 08:30
Less than 12 hours,
When the signups open, your on your own!

2009-08-22, 11:51
8 hours 8 mins till sign ups start!!!!

2009-08-22, 11:54

2009-08-22, 12:22

7 hours 38 minutes till signups!

And good job putting the PRt time on the PR forums :p

2009-08-22, 13:23
6 hrs 37 min now!!

does this count as spam or important public service announcements?

2009-08-22, 13:33
mhh... I dont know if I can be there 20 PRT :(

Hopefully it isnt run over in 2-3 hours after that I am back again and will get a spot hopefully

2009-08-22, 13:37
The first hour or so is usually really busy. But depending on interest there are sometimes places still left hours after that

2009-08-22, 13:55
You should all have noticed that PR has now adopted PR Time (prt)! It's a proven asset to the tournament for timings, so you may see future PR releases making use of PR Time ;)

2009-08-22, 15:33

Signups open at 20.00 PRT, which is in T-Minus 4 hours and 27 minutes at time of this post.

Get ready lads!

2009-08-22, 16:59
3 hours gentlemen

2009-08-22, 17:05
3 hours.


2009-08-22, 18:12
1 Hour 47 Minutes!! ...... and counting

2009-08-22, 18:43
I might consider.... but it I dont know about schedules.... I work weekends. :(

2009-08-22, 18:59

2009-08-22, 19:04
Attention all: This is your 55 minute warning

2009-08-22, 19:36
24 minutes.


2009-08-22, 19:46
14 minutes!

2009-08-22, 19:49

The NATO propaganda thread is up!

Check out the video at the end.

2009-08-22, 20:14
NATO teams full after 2 hours. :p

2009-08-22, 20:14
Aaaaand NATO sign ups closed.

To all who didn't get in, bad luck. Nato were full within 5 minutes. There will be constant sign ups if people leave so please continue checking the forums regularly.

2009-08-22, 22:39
All teams are full. Took a while to fill up CATA. Remember people, there is no "Good Guys" and "Bad Guys" and you should not base your decision on which team to join on "well nato is da good guyz so if i cant join them i refuse to play"

As jigsaw said above, if you didn't get in keep on eye on the forums, especially in the next week or 2. As people get kicked for inactivity signups automatically open to let someone take their spot

2009-08-22, 23:12
That's the advantage of automated signups (nice wrk GMT btw,) you don't need to wait for a new round of sign-ups before you can join a team, as soon a someone resigns/gets the boot, you can fill their spot.

Also, wow, gmt posting on the main forums? That's unheard of!

2009-08-23, 10:16
Getting a place was a blood bath, i got my aplication in within the first minute though :D

2009-08-23, 10:20
Signups are back open!

2009-08-23, 10:46
Getting a place was a blood bath, i got my aplication in within the first minute though :D

Same here :) I was even the first one to report in in the recruitment thread

2009-08-24, 11:47
I underestimated how many people would be signing up :(
Guessing there's no chance now :P

2009-08-24, 12:40
I underestimated how many people would be signing up :(
Guessing there's no chance now :P

Don't worry, sign ups are automated, so if anyone drops out of the faction you are hoping to join, you can then join at any point via soldier CP.

2009-08-24, 12:53
Don't worry, sign ups are automated, so if anyone drops out of the faction you are hoping to join, you can then join at any point via soldier CP.

Errrrm Soldier CP? Is that the CP for my PRT forum account (never done PRT before)

2009-08-24, 12:54
Aha found it :D

For some reason I can't edit my other post so sorry for double post :)

2009-08-26, 09:30
looks awesome, I have one question though; is there a minimum age? and if so; what age do you need to be?

2009-08-26, 13:15
Actually there is no minimum age. Just the Age to play BF2 is really necessary but we do expect a level of maturity.

The only potential issue could be how late some trainings go in the week but that would be something to be sorted out on an as and when basis

2009-08-26, 13:18
saldy the signups are now closed.

currently there is no age restriction but we do ask that you behave in a mature and adult fashion whilst playing in the PRT and Whilst wearing PRT tags on a public server.

2009-08-26, 20:12
I can act mature, I'm 16 (so I'm not a little boy :)). Late nights isn't that big of a problem either.

ok, great. I'll be checking the sign-ups regularly now.