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2009-08-10, 16:06

So this is just a report after a contact, not really about the ENTIRE round, but here goes.

I was on the Insurgent Team, part of SQ 1, defending a cache in A2 of Ramiel on the UKWF Insurgency Server. Right near the end of the round a striker pulls up in front of the cache, me and a squad member "Alontavor" open fire with RPGs, successfully hitting it twice.

The crew clambers out, probably wounded. I take aim with my RPG down an alley (behind me in the photo) I try to hit the crew but it misses and flies into the building where the marker is. The two crew members run in opposite directions, one goes North, the other South. Me and Alontavor chase them down, as the open fire with their carbines, killing one friendly insurgent. I sneak up behind the guy that ran north, hes laying down say 20m away from the wreck under an archway. I swiftly knife him and the same fate happens to the other guy, cleaved by Alontavor. Then I cheekily took the crewman kit, complete with a nice new M4a1

At that point we're celebrating, laughing at our two kills (photo opportunity), we hear gun fire from East.. It's coming from the orange building, where you can see the parked Logistical truck. About 30 seconds later, the rest of my squad is in a firefight with the guy on this building, I flank him from the east, go up the first set of stairs, up the 2nd and then onto the roof. I pull out the flexi-cuffs and promptly make my arrest :)

In that entire round, the US team managed to take just one cache, plagued by our incredible luck and their misadventures. We held out the entire round, taking out everything they threw at us, truly the most fun I've had in a while :D

2009-08-10, 17:04
how did you manage to flip the apc?

2009-08-10, 18:07
how did you manage to flip the apc?

Thats a totally different story :P

Actually, someone threw a nade when it was down, just before the nade went off, it was hit by yet another RPG by some guy that was miles away, thinking it was still alive.

Seems the two consecutive explosions flipped the vehicle onto its side. The poor thing was in a right state. Probably getting looted as we speak *blackhawk down style*.

2009-08-11, 08:04
edit: man, 2009 was so long ago.