View Full Version : [Video] Firefight in West Fallujah

2009-08-10, 00:34
Since I knew that there would be a map in PR based in the city of the mosques, I always wanted to do a video like to this one:


So today I had the chance to film something similar. It's not so intense as the real one, but still I had that feeling of war. I hope you like my edition and enjoy the video:


2009-08-10, 01:42
good job m8

2009-08-10, 04:36
I enjoyed it :)

2009-08-10, 08:37
Yea nice one :) thats why I love fallujah, it looks pretty real and you can have those almost video-like firefights!

2009-08-15, 00:46
nice video i see it b4.

2009-08-15, 01:51
Thank you for the comments :D

Next time I hope to do something similar but in a mumble server.

2009-08-15, 22:02
nice track both of them.
noticed one thing in both of them.
you never see the enemy and you dont see them firing back at any point although by the sound of the marines shouting they do fire back.

if we had smoke and sound effects similar to the real thing PR would be alot more immersive!
also sounds of bullets whizzing by, supersonic bullet cracks and more convincing explosions.

2009-08-15, 23:18
I had many close calls, but in the ending they had to be cut. Belive me, we were not shooting in nothing just to record a video :P

I hope to have other good firefights again and I'll try to do better.

2009-08-16, 00:45
i think the video really captures the feel of Fallujah West on a good day.

btw, i love how at 3:49 all the guys are trying to sneak in and the one random marine just uses the stairs.

2009-08-17, 19:57
When i was making this map, in my mind the whole time was videos (like yours, not the real one!) that people would make. perfect. good to see people enjoying.