View Full Version : [AAR] Muttrah and 'Cuda

2009-08-09, 22:20
Me and couple of my friends were playing on VIRGINIA USA server, just joined 3 mins into the round of Muttrah on MEC side.

I was SL, one was Sniper third one medic. So we helped our team as much as we can. First we were covering East City Center, then after a while of taking fire, ive decided to go for constructuin site, on the way, we bump into enemy FB (outskirts), so we quickly retreat tobuilding down the stairs. We were hidden, luckily nobody was comming for us, so i could call in APC support, wich was cooperating more than excelend and listened to every thing i said.

APC partially cleared up the place, then me and the medic went to destroy the FB, with sniper covering us. We destroyed every asset :D

After that, we managed to move into the construction, no damage taken despite the firing on us. Place was abandoned, but there was a sniper, wich we couldnt find. After a while full chopper landed just below and we called for support...I didnt count to 2 and whole friendly squad was allready in the construction helping..for the rest of the round, there was a stalemate between east and west part retty much and we won 3-0 :D

Next map was Op Barracuda, us being on the US side. Same squad layout, this time with marksman. Objectives were Beach Front+ Rock Fort. and Bridge, very hard layout.

We were the first squad, landed on the beaches east from BF, half a click away. We saw chinamen building and setting up FB in the trench compound.Held fire until additional support was underway. I call for a second crate, chopper lands troops 100m away from me, comes to me, drops and goes back on the carrier. Meanwhile, atk huey destroy enemy FB in the trenches. So i make a FB, wich held for a fairly long time... We were covering other advancing guys from the very east side of BF, untill they capped both flags, then requested immediate lift to Bridge... When we finally came there, We lost BF, shortly after RF too...We helped anouther squad out and destroyed enemy FB, then requested evac back to the covering point we had before.

With lots of hard work we somehow managed to get both flags up again, 4 squads, including us, moved back to bridge, where it was an easy job, we didnt face lots of resistance as the main force was gathered at the airfield...tickets were about the same as we lost a chopper at 9 tickets and round ended with 9-0 for china.

Both of the fights were exceptionally good organised for public match, especially the support and CAS, nice infantry action, flanking, covering...