View Full Version : [AAR] Barracuda_16 (D-Day)

2009-08-08, 11:08
First day (06/08/2009) [UK FORMAT]
After a slow start, the chinese assembled three firebases, one at North rock objective, one at south rock, and one to the east near the docks.
But this slow start didnt give advantage to the U.S as they were also fumbling around with the many boats on the carrier. After getting HMG emplacements set up along the coast the chinese were ready to defend the objectives to the last man standing.
I was chinese soldier Sgt.Bounty at north rock - I had control of a HMG that looked over the large northern beach, as i looked between reloads i could see six boats, some stopped in the water, some boats exploded completely, one boat actually hit the beach but it's crew did not last long against the small arms emplacements. Moving to south rock two boats made it to the beach SW of the airstrip objective in an effort to move up to south rock, these men also died but created a distraction for another boat to sneak up to south objective head on, south objective was captured but U.S lost too many tickets and the chinese took the round.

Second day (07/08/2009)
This time squads were assembled and a total eight boats waited to be deployed at G1 to hit the swamp objective, the chinese had set up at north rock and awaited command to fire on the boats as they raced out of the fog, on mumble the U.S confirmed their placement to rush at the beach NE of the swamp, first an FSG team pushed into the dock and made an FOB, the rest of the boats waited for them to get into position, when the word "ready" appeared in team chat and a small hesitation, the boats set towards the swamp, a HMG opened fire to the right of the boats, all fire was concerntrated on that position, it seemed as if all in one second that all the boats hit the beach at the same time.
Small arms fire opened up from around the HMG and the swamp, we kept running into the jungle to seek some cover and organise ourselves. Eventually the USMC had made ground at that beach, moved forward into the swamp and sucessfully removed enemy prescence from the swamp enabling a capture, the Chinese moved from north rock to counter attack the US presence in the swamp, this signalled the US to get moving and to capture north rock [Im going to need to confirm the ending of the round - sorry]