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2009-08-08, 07:27
So I was on Muttrah City the other night and was flying transport. All but one huey was left, and our tickets were draining low. So I hopped in my SL's chopper with my pilot kit, deciding to wait for my huey by lazing targets with SL. We swoop into North City to drop troops. All is good, no AA or enemy APC (forgot name). As we are pulling out to behind the mountains, out of nowhere we take small arms fire and my pilot gets shot. At this point we are just over the ridge of the mountain range. The huey drops like a rock. I was prepared to die in my hot metal coffin, but somehow the nose dropped enough to slide into the other side of the mountain, albeit a little rough. Landed in the hills, I jump into the pilot seat. I've taken damage, but still good. Let her warm up, and I take off. As I'm going back to the carrier, sirens come on just over the water barrier/break. One engine blows, controls start shaking. # 2 blows over deck, I land and repair. I come back to save the day :P

2009-08-08, 07:58
haha lucky lucky ^-^

2009-08-10, 16:12
Now that....... is a great story!

2009-08-10, 17:04
<starts slow clap and everyone joins in>

2009-08-10, 21:30
No luck here, he simply forgot to turn off auto-pilot before dying :lol: But seriously, nice story mate.