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2009-08-07, 07:07
Happened on the RT Mumble US Server tonight, on Operation Archer.

To start the round, a glitch happened where one cache blew up, but the marker never erased. So the US had a marker on the non-existent H7 cache (it was supposed to be in a cave). Our squad decides to defend that cache and drain a few tickets from the US. After a few contacts with the Humvee convoy, we discover the Americans were going for the H7 "cache". We attack moving down the road, but get owned by some well placed Humvees.

I decide to spawn at main to try to grab a technical to discover...BIG RED! I drive it down to the H7 cache, narrowly avoiding getting killed by multiple SAWs. I tell my squad to communicate where the Americans were and the SL updates it with markers. In position, I park Big Red by the side of the road. Suddenly, someone says "Humvee convoy, moving down the road!"

I grab Big Red, speed down the road, and there it is, 4 Humvees that just rounded a corner. I'll let the pictures tell the tale:

http://imagemoo.com/images/screen007jpgt3oy_thumb.jpg (http://imagemoo.com/viewer.php?file=screen007jpgt3oy.jpg)

http://imagemoo.com/images/screen008jpgx38h_thumb.jpg (http://imagemoo.com/viewer.php?file=screen008jpgx38h.jpg)

http://imagemoo.com/images/screen010jpgmac_thumb.jpg (http://imagemoo.com/viewer.php?file=screen010jpgmac.jpg)

Hearing the Mumble chat was hilarious :smile:

Props to our squad for our communication, timing, everything. It couldn't have gone any better. 4 Humvees, 13 kills, 21 tickets.

2009-08-07, 15:00
Haha nice one

2009-08-07, 15:06
That was nice :) I rarely have that kind of luck. Did you play the music of maximum jihad?

2009-08-07, 15:30
God damnit, I was in charge of that Humvee convoy, riding gunner in lead.

I was so busy with my map being open updating waypoints (because my dumb as sh*t squad couldn't seem to navigate to a cache without me babyfeeding every single turn to them) that when Big Red rounded the corner, my map was open.

I heard my guys go WOH AHH HOLY! I take down my map to see a split second of scraping metal and then a SKIDOOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-08-07, 15:42
nice one :D!!

2009-08-07, 15:44
good stuff a well executed strike, much more effective then the big red on archer on the RT EU server that evening

it drove into main trying to get the choppers, but both of us saw him coming and just took off.

2009-08-07, 16:07
lol, classic. Great Oh Sh** moment. Big Red is the haji heavy hitter. The bringer of Boom.

Sidewinder Zulu
2009-08-07, 20:40
Ha ha , yeah I was providing intel to PepsiMachine about the Humvees, where they were moving, how many, etc.
He executed a perfect Jihad with the Big Red.

Even though the explosion was about 200m away, I still heard the Americans scream like little girls when the Big Red came around the corner. :p

4 humvees destroyed, 13 Americans killed, so they lost 21 tickets, all while pursuing a cache that didn't exist.

The best suicide bombing I've ever seen in PR.
Totally awesome. :)

2009-08-07, 20:54
dude nice.... That is one of the best stories I've read!

2009-08-07, 21:14
lol nice one.