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2009-08-04, 23:36
So, what do you do? Separate into 2 fireteams? Use some ppl for support and the other one for offence? Which kids each part has? Do you consider yourself too important to go offence? Or do you move around as a whole squad and adapt to each situation separately?

As opposed to lots and lots of threads and suggestions, I don't normally make fixed fireteams. And if there is a small building that has to be cleared (which wouldn't make sense to have you whole 6 man squad to go in), I normally go with the best player in my squad. That might or might not be the medic. That's never the AR, though. Normally I only go with 2 ppl total (me and best player as I said).

Also, when I need to penetrate a compound and we are being fired upon, I get my AR and a auto-rifleman with ACOG to give suppressive fire. The 4 remaining people lay behind cover. On my go, 2 of the SM that are not the ACOG or the AR sprint all the way to the wall near the compound and wait there. after that me and the other resting guy (normally the medic) run to the compound. While the 2 other guys keep makin it rain metal, I control my squad through the compound, keeping a small spread. Normally people do that VERY well coordinately. I always play on public servers. That owns to the fact that I always make people follow my orders. Only 2 chances. If the screw up (not following orders - having issues with orders is ok (i mean, if the thing doesnt go as planed), but if they dont even follow my "STOP" order) the 3rd time they are gone. And this should be even better cuz Im gonna start making my Sqd stay in a row in the beginning of the round so I can explain the rules of the squad.

Now, if I havent been seen, I get all of my SMs to follow me. The AR will get to a good covering position while the rest of us go clearing the place. Normally 4 people per section of the compound, with the AR covering the whole area and one covering the entrance of the section.

What I mean to say with this is... I am the SL. I am the one that is suppose to know the situation. I am the one that should take the risks. I am here as a member of the squad that only has a higher voice. I don't want my SMs to die, so I go in. Of course, I always shuffle the people that do each stuff (except the AR) to keep things interesting for some people that don't like just covering an entrance. Most of the time I play on offence. So it's pretty fun. Also, on roads, I normally get everyone on the same side of the road and looking around (Situation Awarness). It works most of the time. And yes, normally my SMs are not stupid to the point of shooting at everything they see (ex. the last guy in the row shoot the guy that just jumped around the corner, hitting the other 5 SMs on the way).

Now, I see that my tactic is extremely contradicting to Real Life tactics. Ex, as an officer, I should never be on front of the sqd. But I do that, because for me it's more important to know the situation as fast as I can (actually see whats happening than hearing what is happening). I believe that there is no tactic one-size-fits-all. I need to know the problem as soon as possible so I can plan a defensive/offensive maneuver the fastest. This works most of the times, if not all the time.

I also love to play counter-attack. The AR and the ACOG cover the area (if thats open field or a compound (take the compounds in Al-Bashra for example). If its a closed area (urban map or other situations that apply), the AR covers the area and the ACOG comes with the rest of the Squad on burst mode. He is always behind someone with a CQB weapon (ie. M4 with Aimpoint or Iron Sights). This also need VERY responsible SMs. In the first eight of the round my Sqd should only have trustworthy people, so that makes lots of my tactics possible.

Cheers everyone, see ya'll at the battlefield

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2010-02-11, 23:43
How do you move around as a squad?

First thing I will do is organize the squad together rather I have begun the game as SL or inherited the role. To win matches, you need to concentrate your firepower to overwhelm any enemy contacts. I rarely use fireteams.

I move the squad in squad formations typical to the terrain encountered (wedge for open, column for urban) and stay in the middle of the formation to protect myself. I usually have to maintain the squad spacing as that is always a problem, and upon contact I will leave most of the squad to engage the enemy while two players move in to flank.

Ideally, I would wait until I have fire superiority before I send a small team of two. I do not want to send them to their virtual deaths and use a team ticket each.

If things are going badly, I attempt to get everyone to regroup and into cover and finally hiding if we cannot destroy the enemy combat element. So if we do not have anti-tank capabilities and a tank is up our ass, we hide until they leave, we die, or they die.

I don't want my SMs to die, so I go in.

That doesn't make much sense to me.

The role of the squad leader is to maximize the use of his squad to complete the mission. This means that the SL needs to have good war training in strategy and tactics while the squad members are focused on combat fighting techniques.

Think of it as a mini-RTS game. Your the commander and you have to order your units in the best possible ways to win the battle as you cannot do it with only yourself. That's the theory but if your playing with public players and your in charge of only 5 other players, than skill becomes a much greater factor in victory regardless of tactics and strategy used.