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2009-08-02, 10:58
Hey Commanders!

I hope this doesn't get too flamed, first post and all, but I'd really like to give CO a shot! I'm downright terrified about diving in though.

I was thinking about just hitting some rather tactical servers (I don't really have a clan or anything currently) and jumping in the CO chair, and just sitting back and watching, helping where I can until I get a good feel for it (explaining this to the SL's of course).

Is there a better way, or is what I mentioned above acceptable?

I've been watching youtube vids (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0_i8rn0U-M) of commanders and I really enjoy it. I've read most of what is in this forum. Nothing really addresses the virgin CO though.

Anyone wanna break me in and give me good tips as being the rather newbish CO?

Thanks tons in advance guys!

2009-08-02, 11:12
I would just say dont worry about messing up. A garbage commander is always better then no commander. Just listen to each squad. Give then what ever they need. Mark enemy positions when you gain intel from other squads. Update them on whats still available like jdam,ect. And most importantly just observe. Watch what each squad does. see what tactics seem to work and what ones dont. since your just starting to command dont bark orders to everyone. just observe. once you command for a while you gain a lot of experience then you can start trully commanding.

2009-08-03, 08:17
Hey thanks for the tips, I thought I'd report back with how things went for the first few matches I CO'd on!

I did what you said, and just dove in. I jumped on and spoke to each squad individually about what I was doing (learning, watching, and aiding), and stayed on top of requests / markers and objectives that each squad was attempting.

There were a couple matches where, because I was feeling ultra newbish, I think I talked too much and as a result, wasn't listened to. Frustrating for sure, but a great lesson. Nobody out there, SL wise, is looking for me to be a chatter box and apologetic, they want me to get my question out and be done with it =p. So now, I typically think out everything I want to say first, trim the hell out of it, and then ask the SL. Sometimes, I don't have the privilege of time like that, but I always make sure to say it in my head or out loud first before contacting the SL.

That was, to be sure, radio basics, but it was something great to remember diving into the next matches. I got a great response when I kept things nice and short.

Last night, I got ripped apart, every single map. I'm not entirely sure what went wrong, but the entire time I got like, one or two squads communicating back what they were seeing, with targets and voip. Snipers were great for that, but most SL's in last nights maps weren't down with reporting in with me. I really didn't learn a ton about movements, I just saw a lot that didn't work, but without the squads communication, I had no real idea about why it didn't work.

I have an idea that they weren't really regrouping. I saw a lot of lone dots, ambling around by themselves. I even had a Sniper / Spotter squad... with just one sniper, and no spotter. I tried to get him to join the forces, but he refused. It worked out though, because he spotted every single back hack before any of the other SL's would radio in about it, and we got a lot of forward notice on well... losing, ha!

Admittedly, I was nearly dead silent most of the time, frustrated and intimidated with the lack of communication. That didn't really help anyone, so I'm sure I could have done more.

Today though, I went to Chicago's Kashan only server, and dove in. It was great because I had so many assets to play with, and the SL's on Chicago's servers tend to be extremely well oiled machines. It was largely on auto pilot, and naturally, the team won, 3x in a row!

I followed your advice though, about just keeping squads updated, answering queries, and kept barking orders to a minimum unless there was dire need (like my supply / transport choppers getting chased, and we had a jet in the air... that was a rather immediate and present need to get a jet to help out). The SL's were great, very chatty, and constantly kept me up to date. We found FB's, took flags, JDAM'd, and all had a great hoorah at the end when we actually took the last base.

My favorite squad was definitely the tanks on Kashan, and from what I've read thats pretty king there. But right there next to them were the transport choppers + the Inf Eng squads. We had 3 FB's by the end of it all and were streaming men in to a couple objectives at a time. Again, the SL's were pretty on it, so the experience was enjoyable.

Anyway, enough excited babbling. Great learning experience, and I'm definitely hooked as a CO.

So, on the with the learning and note taking, and thanks for the advice, gave me the stones to just get in there and do it! :) I can't wait to start getting some solid tactics and plans in order.

Oh, one question, is there a screenshot of the CO's screen that explains each kit / vehicle icon somewhere on the web? Sometimes the SL's would throw jargon my way that I wasn't familiar with, or would ask for a particular vehicle support that I wasn't sure of, and I'd love to see some kind of labeled icon screenshot I could refer to.

Thanks tons again!

2009-08-03, 12:13
Just to echo the comments

1. Effective Communication is key.
Don't just talk for the sake of it. But DO inform
SLs of what your intentions are.
If you can't respond to an SLs request straight away, explain why and
ask them to await your order etc.
Relaying information between squads is very useful.
eg Sq 1 can your medic revive Sq 2's downed squad member that's
close to you etc etc.

2. Have an overall view of what you want to achieve.
Outright Cap Out or preservation of tickets.
Think about the map, and don't be afraid to ask Squads to hold their position
in order to defend.

3. Use the B Button to talk to individual squads rather than V Button,
particularly if the information is only pertinent to an individual squad.

4. Try and get squads to work together providing support and cover. It
makes for a more efficient.

eg Armour/Infantry squads work well in this instance.

5. Have Fun!

2009-08-03, 12:51
2 tips
1. dont think that squads are RTS units, thats a biggest mistake most of the times
2. when you talk to SLs try to deliver your info in few words, not a napoleonic plans of invading europe

2009-08-03, 12:58
I made this video, it's not brilliant, you might have already watched it, but hopefully it will help. :)


2009-08-03, 14:06
Sounds like you are making good progress!
This is a good thread for new COs really.

I agree that Comms are very important, just what above posts say.
Sounds like you already learned that - and also how sometimes it is frustrating.

Next step maybe would be to plan for one map.
Just take one map you like to command most, or what you think you can plan best.
I wouldnt take Insurgency at first as it demands a lot of flexibility and extraordinary teamwork from the whole team imo.

I'd suggest Sunset City or something alike with few flags and if possible no random flags.

For example: let's say 3 inf squads and 1 smaller squad.
1 inf squad: City Center
1 inf squad: East City, take truck and build FB
1 inf squad: Push towards enemy position
1 small squad: flank in the west and disrupt enemy.

Dont plan too detailled but basic strategy.
Keep it simple and short.

That way you can adjust your plan to the public gameplay and can adjust your strategy more easily...

2009-08-15, 23:46
Hi Ken

A few tips:

- Continue to ask questions whenever you feel its needed, including if you should feel a question is somehow stupid

- Play many many rounds

- Keep doing simple stuff

- Try doing the same simple stuff in series of rounds and vary it a bit if needed

- Post opinions in related CO threads

- Create new CO related threads

- Consider to join the tourney and apply for a staff function (best learning ground for any CO in the PR universe)

2009-08-16, 03:07
Oh, one question, is there a screenshot of the CO's screen that explains each kit / vehicle icon somewhere on the web?

This would indeed have been very helpful. I have a question on my own: how do I get the officer kit that i need to command the insurgents? When I press T to request it, it only says "this kit is unavailable for your forces"

2009-12-16, 05:53
I started commanding today, and I must say it is one of the best feelings when you guide your platoon to victory.

The best tip I can give to anyone new to commanding is to dive in and just do it.

-Don't give long winded speeches to Squad Leaders; they want to know what to do, where, and when.

-Don't waste your assets! That AT-10 circling around is a lot of firepower, USE IT!

- You are the best communication between your infantry and your air support, you're faster than typing so if a squad needs air support and is lazing the target, give the aircraft the coordinates and information pertaining to the target!

- Some Squad Leaders are assholes, accept it and move on, try and make them happy but don't bust your balls.

- It WILL hit the fan, its not a matter of "if" its a matter of "When"

Good luck!

2010-11-28, 18:19
This would indeed have been very helpful. I have a question on my own: how do I get the officer kit that i need to command the insurgents? When I press T to request it, it only says "this kit is unavailable for your forces"

1. I don't believe the officer kit is required to command, but I may be wrong. I've only commanded on Co-op.
2. You can't request kits as insurgents. You'll have to spawn as an officer.

2011-10-02, 18:30
Quick Question:

How do I deploy and use the UAV?
I put the marker down and it says it is moving to position but I have no idea how to even get to the viewing screen let alone control it.