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2009-08-01, 03:46
I called in a JDAM as a last ditch effort on Qwai River. We were dead even with the Americans the whole game til the end when we were pushed back to the last flag on the hilltop and it basically became Hamburger Hill. Sorry, I couldn't really stand still and get a good view cus we were getting hammered like crazy. Ended up losing like 7-0. Was a good fight though and they never took our main.

Qwai River JDAM - Xfire Video (http://www.xfire.com/video/fa028/)

2009-08-01, 03:50
I lol'd. "Comon How are these guys able to hit so accurately through the grass"

2009-08-01, 16:03
The best JDAMs are the friendly ones youre not expecting to see.

And lol'd, linkman...

2009-08-01, 16:37
I lol'd. "Comon How are these guys able to hit so accurately through the grass"

Obviously the same person never noticed that the grass stops rendering after 50m...

I wouldn't really call the JDAM epic, but seeing how most JDAMs end up as failDAMs, it's epic for actually hitting the target.

2009-08-01, 16:46
someone said JDAM ?


2009-08-02, 08:44
Yey for JDAMS! :D

http://files.roguesquad.co.uk/muttrah_low.jpg (http://files.roguesquad.co.uk/muttrah_high.jpg)
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2009-08-02, 09:49
Holy mother of panorama banners :o

2009-08-02, 15:43
Check out this mortar strike on Basrah too. It was on a cache in a field.

Basrah Barrage - Xfire Video (http://www.xfire.com/video/f7ebe/)

2009-08-02, 19:43
whats with the +18 flag on that video?

2009-08-02, 19:48
Cause mortars are dangerous?

2009-08-08, 17:43
=Romagnolo= --- Which map is that?

2009-08-08, 18:26
They saw a video from a 16 rated game and rated it 18? Some people are idiots.

EDIT: Unless of course that is a video from real life, I never got to see it to find out.

2009-08-10, 09:47
=Romagnolo= --- Which map is that?

The map is called "Hills of Hamgyong" from earlier versions of PR. It was taken out in 0.8 i think.