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2009-07-30, 07:46
Location: Korengal Valley
Event Time: aprox 10:00(entered cave system) -11:40(disconnect)
Team: Taliban

By around my 7th life, my squad had lost our squad leader, the replacement was less then satisfactory. after seeing my squad was not together at all i decided to stay bacxk to defend the cache in the multi-level cave system. It was quite the hotzone. After depleating most of my magazines i was hit by a grenade through the tunnel opening into someone's backyard and began to bleed. A patch was not enough then that was when i realized a friendly squad had piled into the upper level where the cache actually was. this squad consisted purely of CIA clan members, luckily for me they had a medic. just on the brink of death their medic charged down through the cave roof without even waiting for a rope and saved me. i understood their plan immediately after the heal and replenishing ammunition. One of the members called himself the "Taliban Elevator" and acted as such for the rest and dropped ropes to traverse the levels when someone needed it.

I returned to the lower level to ambush 3 mroe US soldiers attempting to enter the cave. after a few minutes of waiting i heard foot steps. I turned to look and took a bullet to the chest. I quickly squeezed the trigger and disposed of the lone gunman, and returned to the upper level to be healed. there i encountered 2 soldiers sneaking up the tunnel to hit the CIA boys to no avail, they were pinned and i was right behind them and was more than happy to take the kills. after 3 or 4 more repeats of this scenario while being patched up by the medic, i was invited by the CIA members to stick around the top chambers of the cave being informed that a large concentration of US troops would be pouring into the cave system shortly. i gladly took this advice and posted myself one level below them watching the access tunnel from above. Almost immediately a US soldier entered my view and i wasted no time in killing him. after i dropped him a second soldier and a medic moved up. (this is where i disproved everyone so far that's complained about the AK's being inaccurate) in 2 short bursts i killed both whilst their rounds landed around me. one by the name of Sharpie i recall came down to my side to make sure i was okay. fortunately i was not hit so i told him to hold his patch. another of the clan came down, i forgot his name but he asked over team chat if i could "save some kills for him." i chuckled at the remark as he was holding a bolt action rifle, but none the less wanting a slight break i gave him my position and stood by him.

After repeated waves of US assaults were stopped cold, it seems it was time for me to go. having said good luck to the CIA crew in the tunnels i disconnected.

a quick time assessment says we held the tunnel under constant assault for over an hour and a half before i had to disconnect, all of us since getting in to the cave having used no more than our current lives. and from the looks of their cohesiveness and quick reactions they were likely to hold that cache for the rest of the round.

If anyone here was a part of this impregnable defense please shout out! If any of you CIA members read this i congratulate you on a very impressive display of teamwork. i have never had such an enjoyable and intense round of insurgency since starting PR.

2009-07-30, 08:52
Nice tale - love the cave fights, so intense :)

2009-08-02, 00:39
Lol, hey dude, thanks for the kind remarks
that was actually with the newer guys, but they done pretty good. we had 2-3 guys inside the caves defending and the rest actively probing and ambushing enemy squads while relaying their locations. We won that round too :D
We did found the orgin of their spwns-they tried to veer off to make it look like they came from a different direction, but they got desperate to push the assault. So they just rushed directly from their spwn. then we camped it with the help of 2 captured US SAWs (FTW)
and ambushed them as they were going down the hill towards the cave. after every engagement we would shift positions and then reengage. The elements that did manage to slip though, they went directly to the caves.

You should have seen the west side of that cave lol! I put a nade right under the mouth entrance to collapse the rocks. an enemy squad now stuck inside the cave. We then trotted to the other entrance with a couple of my guys, proceeded to annihilate the remaining elements with smoke and grenades inside the caves

That was the only cache they never got. The other ones kept getting destroyed and half of the our team (taliban) kept going for outpost.

oh and 8 out of every 10 insurgency games, we are insurgent :) much more teamwork intensive.