View Full Version : [AAR] Stryker action in Ramiel

2009-07-28, 14:09
So this happened pretty long time ago on the Chicago hardcore insurgency server

The round started i made an APC sqd and Bardwyer joined in and we took a stryker we were cruising around the city and found caches and hideouts and took down numerous targets.
We never lost our stryker but it got disabled 3 times we managed to get a logistics truck to our position but we wasn't as lucky as we had been before while bardwyer was gunning in the stryker i was outside watching for ambushing insurgents and 5 insurgents comes up with RPG's and AK's in a desperate attempt i try sprinting to cover in the stryker but i get injured and we were quickly moving our stryker away from the insurgents on the way back to the mainbase to recover my wounds but i bleed out just before the bridge before the mainbase bardwyer then attempts to get back to the base without a gunner but gets disabled by an IED and here i come to the rescue with a supply truck :)

After the round i found out that one of my clan mates was on the insurgent side briefly and he told me about how the whole team was trying to find us and destroy us but that never succeeded obviously :)


2009-08-05, 09:06
Epic and ftw

2009-08-08, 07:28
Oh hey, it is me!

Very nice round indeed, we did very well. :twisted:

Funny thing was, it got disabled in the northern part of the city and we defended it from outside the stryker the whole time while we waited for repairs.

2009-08-08, 07:57
haha nice! One of the few times an APC survives that long!

2009-08-09, 06:41
haha yea :D we were lucky that we only got disabled :D