View Full Version : [AAR] CAS in Karbala

2009-07-26, 18:44
Just a short one, with no screens, no names, but bear with me.

It as in Karbala, on the far right side of the map, where the canal/river is. We recently constructed a firebase there, but somehow we were taking fire. I was in a two-man sniper/spotter squad so we took it upon ourselves to glass where it was coming from.

Alas, we saw it was from one of the huts across the canal. I lasered that sh*t up, where roughly 7 insurgents were. In no time at all, a little bird swooped in, came round twice and took the Hadjis out with everything he had - AND to our joy, a cache exploded, which was located just behind the hut.

Needless to say, it was a good day for sniper/spotter and CAS co-operation.

Cheers to whoever was piloting the bird.

2009-07-26, 20:06
lol nice8-);-):mrgreen:

2009-07-26, 23:46
Nothing better than accurate and fast responding CAS.