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2009-07-22, 02:44
My friend wanted a game of PR but TG was full. So we joined Chicago Hardcore 24/7 Kashan. We get a squad of 4 and grab the humvee and a logistics truck. We build a firebase at North Village. Then we get 2 more squad members. This is about 10 minutes after round start.

We were planning to go south and hook North to capture South Bunkers but I am not willing to risk all these tickets. So we head north and hook south. We build a firebase in the canyon by the bridge. When we leave the Havoc opens up on us with its 30mm. We survive and cap South Bunkers in a little under 30 seconds.

We hold there, survive 2 BMP attacks, but lose 4 men to the MEC inf. Happytimes and Hector grab the humvee and race home. Squad 2 stabalizes South Bunkers. We bring a logistics truck to North Bunkers to put up a firebase inside North Bunks as the flags were capable and the whole team was at South Village. After that we head to North Outpost to wait for the time to cap.

We build a firebase and leave as we loose South Bunkers. The team goes there. We re-org at North Village, there we are hit by a tank. Miraculously, Happytimes lives again, they bring back the humvee home. At this moment, South Bunkers is capped but North is lost. We are out of logi's so Happytimes volunteers to go on a suicide run and grab the logi we left at North. He makes it but gets hit. I bring the humvee back to get the medic and rush to go heal happytimes. He lives...

(Here we take a pic)

We then rush to North Bunkers to cap it. Once it is capped we meet up with the logi we sent back home. We try to cap north but are discouraged by a Havoc. Somehow we survive a direct hit with a hellfire. We go back home and repair.

On our way to South Village. Minutes before we lose many, many men.

Then we head down south and build a firebase near South Village. We cap it 1/4 of the way before a sniper gives us away. A tank rolls in and we attempt to make a run for it and save the humvee. Sadly, the cursed Havoc kills us all except the man we left behind.

R.I.P Humvee. We loved you and kept you for a 1hour and 20minutes.

So now we attempt to bring back what we get back at the Havoc and drive the Avenger up but we are ambushed by a BMP and logi. So now without transport we get pilot kits and try to HALO in. During the preparation, I get gunned down in a hail of bullets from our own minigun. End Game. Sadly, the next game was a bummer and I left 20 minutes in. All in all, one of my best games.

Kudos to

Epic Win.

2009-07-22, 09:40
I remember that round. I was very sad at how our CAS turned out. :(