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2009-07-21, 20:53
Me and my friend Aussie friend Steak were driving vehicles on Al Basra a couple days ago. We got into a tank were roaming around the big bridge. Just patrolling along our side of that bridge looking for any wandering techs or bomb cars. After attacking a couple of things we decided to cross over and checked for mines on the river crossing. We were just sitting near the bridge engaging targets. We took down a bomb car and big red. A tech and a lot of RPGers. Right behind us was a entire squad but they let a bomb car come right behind us and blow us up without any warning. That was the end of that. Was a very short tank run.

Afterwards we got into a British Warrior APC, we went the other direction knowing insurgents will probally still be crawling over where our tank was. We took the long way around the big bridge at village. We started engaging targets near the gas station and killed a couple of bomb cars trying to sneak up on us and parked behind the wall of the gas station and were engaging targets on the rooftops who had RPGs. We decided to drive down and were sitting on this highway. Next thing we know we are surounded by insurgents. Coming from the mosque, coming from the cache which was nearby I believe. Also coming from the bridge behind us.

Me and Steak diddn't retreat, we just keep engaging every target we saw. Steak was the driver, I was the gunner and he would spot all targets that I wasn't looking at. Every insurgent was just dropping like flys. They threw so many bomb cars at us that got killed just inches before they could get us. So many close calls. They sent big red after us and I was out of HEI-T rounds so I shot the driver out with my MG and was shooting at big red afterwards when my HEI-T rounds reloaded. The insurgents started smoking big red hoping to recover it and blow us up but every could seconds I would shoot at it incase anybody was attempting that. I couldn't see the target so I had no choice. Apparently they were smoking it for the driver that got killed so he could recover it and attempt it again. He got shot attempting to get in.

Afterwards they started putting there efforts into this dogbox near the APC. Trying to have a closer spawn to overrun us and put some mines and IEDs down. We saw the smoke of them building it so we drove around this box and there was a gap in the wall and we saw the dogbox. We just shot at it and nailed about 10 builders. After we assumed it was clear we drove back and kept engaging targets everywhere. RPGers on the roof, Ambushers attempting to rush us, more bomb cars, so much smalls arms fire. It was the craziest APC moment I ever had. I logged off just as the map ended and steak told me later that the TBA guys told him they sent the entire insurgent team after us. Every single last insurgent attempting to take us down.

Was a lot of fun.

2009-07-21, 21:09
Good times. Had some of those occasions, but mainly play infantry so they are few and far between.

2009-07-27, 01:00
Nothing better than plenty of Ammunition and an Insurgent swarm.

2009-07-27, 21:34
u must have came in your pants, lighting up all those insurgents with HEAT and co-ax mg

2009-07-28, 13:54
Nice one there :) think i was on the Insurgent team not sure though :)