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2009-07-19, 08:44
Last night on TG for U.S. players, this morning for me, I and bjoffe were on Mumble and decided to go man a BMP3 with my sneaky little plan of hiding in a hidey hole spot in the bunkers. Everything went well, South Village got captured right away, infantry was deployed to both bunkers and there was a T72 guarding the north side. Not much sightings until one Blackhawk popping up and me downing it with the ATGM and some epic lols on the team chat.

However we soon started losing as first T72 went down, the US Army wasn't coming and it was pretty much shooting pixel sized spotters for an hour while almost getting shot by the Apache once in the BMP. Started getting boring and frustrating, but we still held the bunkers.

We did manage to neutralize North Village, but couldn't recapture because the entire US armor seemed to be overlooking it. We started losing Havoks as soon as they came into the area, losing more of them than the number they managed to kill. Armor squads crumbled and lone BMP3s and T72s started getting picked off one by one. I might have lost track of how it exactly went, but 2/3 of the round it looked pretty much like that.

For a good portion of the round me and bjoffe we're pretty safe but didn't see much either, however after we finally got TOW'd while trying to hit the enemy infantry on the ridge, bjoffe got disconnected and I joined the infantry squad we supported.
They already got wasted 3 times trying to clear out South Bunker and after losing the BMP3 there was nothing to stop the lone wolves like the one who we kept trying to kill, yet with a sniper hitting the guy 4-5 times, he wasn't even injured and than had proceeded to mow us all down with the SAW - twice and we lost both the Hk21 and the sniper rifle and supply crates and the firebase were long gone.

We tried getting support from other BMp3s, but instead of just shooting the damn infantry that was crawling all over the ridge line, they kept ignoring us and went all around the area to the US side of the hills where the entire armor squad of 2 BMPs and a T72 got owned by the Apache.

After that the North Bunker got attacked by nothing more than one US squad, at least judging that there wasn't much M4 fire and they got repelled, but not without major losses, I even saw one Hk21 and rifleman trying to kill one US rifleman and they both got picked off by him as soon as they stopped firing for brief moment and the rifleman went after him with his G3, kinda showing how ridiculous the AR15 accuracy and hit detection are compared to other weapons.

I got myself killed at that point running around half dead and popping smoke so I could respawn at main, since bjoffe reconnected and we just came back with a BMP3 to the bunkers in time for the round to end with me betting that the score will be between 100-150 for US and bjoffe betting on 50-100, whoever lost the bet will be driving the APC next round.


I lost and got to drive. :p

In conclusion, an organized MEC team lost to the disconnecting-due-boredom syndrome downing the quality of SLs and a bunch of lone wolves with M249 and SOFLAMs impossible to kill when their head is in size of one pixel 1000m away.

It could have been saved, if armor stopped going after North Village - remember, the US only got SB neutral once and never really captured NB - where they kept getting killed by the Apache while we kept getting killed at the bunkers as infantry and if there were less helicopters that kept getting shot down, but you can't really expect players to behave when what you're trying to convince them into otherwise is to sit and wait for the enemy to come out while being frustrated out of their mind.

I consider that a major flaw in PR that makes everything blow, because every time I played with an organized team, we sat waiting for the enemy to come and everyone got frustrated and bored out of their mind and if they went after them, they all got killed for nothing. And the enemy just happens to be the US factions in all cases. :mad:

2009-07-19, 10:53
Nice story.

2009-07-20, 13:07
Sweet Kashan, always good for a frustrating boring old time.

Wait for something to happen trying to figure out why you didn't disconnect 5 minutes ago. Can't do in now, because you've been waiting for so long, there has to happen something any second now. Can't quit now or all the waiting was in vain.
Die in a loud explosion from out of nowhere, wait some more at main. Repeat, accompanied by a lot of moaning.