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2009-07-18, 03:11
This is a story of things just clicking. A story of comradery, compassion, and arguing whether F1ght3r13 is a girl or not. All things in this story are true, except for quotes. I will probably make them up based on actual events, or based on what I want in the story. The actions, however, are 100% true. I'll get a video up sometime if space had battlerecorder on. All events occur on Muttrah City.

"Come on, Gentlemen, lets go!"

On spawn, I looked around, saw my other squadmates, and let out a sigh.
"No. I'm being pilot. Fighter, no. I'm being pilot. I could care less if you're squad leader, you barrel rolled us to the ocean last time"

"Ok. Come on guys, Fox is gonna pilot" F1ght3er13(Fighter) replied, "Heeeeey, everyone grab a pilot kit!"

The squad, already mounted into the Huey, became confused.

"Come on! We can do a para-jump! Hehehe! Yeah!"

I looked around the Huey, checking to make sure everyone was inside.

"No. We need to get to the flag. Come on. Get your ass in here Fighter or I'm leaving you behind," warning Fighter.

The Huey had warmed up during chatter, so as soon as Fighter was in, the helicopter was off the ground. I managed to almost kill us over the ocean, pulling up a little too much accidentally. I gained control and began flying low to the ground, getting ever closer to our goal.

Shaggy and Fighter were screaming, almost as though it was a rollercoaster ride. I do admit, I was flying extremely low and close in between buildings at a pretty fast speed. I was tense doing so.

"Drop it on the BTR" Fighter yelled over mumble.

I flew over it, wanting a better landing opportunity, as I flew in to fast to land without crashing into a building.
"I'm just going to take a fly-around, gonna get in a little slower next time I pass"
"Yeah. Go ahead, just turn around and drop us down fast"

I get back around, and manage to miss our landing zone by a hundred meters.
"DROP IT NOW!" I heard yelling.

To be honest, I didn't really know. Normally as a pilot I would never leave a huey out in the middle of the road. So as I was taking off, I overheard complaints that I didn't leave a crate and that I should've stayed with the squad. Following this, I flew around for a moment, trying to distract the MEC from firing on my squad, hearing screams of "We're going to get sniped" and "Yup, told you! We're getting sniped!" over the radio.

I landed on a nearby roof. I got out really fast, thinking there was some stairs I could climb down. Nope. This was one of those roofs you can't get on, and you can't get off unless you have a grapple hook. Lost, I started hearing shots hit the concrete around me. I sprinted behind a small locked roof-access, diving behind it. As soon as my body hit the ground, I heard a boom behind me. A HAT was shot at the Huey I had just landed. I just so happened to drop my Huey on a roof facing right in front of a sniper and a hat on another roof.

I started telling my squad, who were getting shot by another sniper group, that there was a HAT on a rooftop literally 17 meters away from my current location. Around the same time, the repetitive and deadly sound of an automatic weapon echoed around me. I looked up, and of course they had an automatic rifleman located up on Hotel.

I'm yelling and screaming, wanting help. Eventually everyone kills the AR, the HAT, and the Sniper, but something kills most of the squad, except one other guy. He climbs up on a roof nearby, and I notice him and feel better being weaponless.

I want an evac, but the others who died respawned on the carrier, and wanted to do their para-drop out of sillyness.

I yell to the guy "I'm done with this" and jump off the roof near the ladder he climbed up, hoping to catch it. I don't, instead fall to my death on the ground below.

But I didn't die, which is crazy to me. I yell it up to the guy on mumble, and soon hear another guy speaking, who says "I hear something". I catch him moving towards me before he has his weapon ready, and he ducks back behind a wall thinking I had a weapon.

This is a matter of miracle. He takes a few shots at me, hits me once or twice as I drop a field dressing, running. I hide behind a wall, bleeding, yelling. The enemy follows behind me, about to turn a corner, taking his time to be sure he isn't ambushed. My squadmate slides down the ladder, gets in a quick firefight, and wounds the enemy soldier. I grab his kit, and feel deserving of a little gloating.

"Ha! You couldn't kill a lousy pilot! hehehe!" and take his officer kit. Mind you about 12 minutes have passed since I landed the huey on the roof, so I'm a little relieved.

The other guys looks at me, relaxing as well.

"Well then, that was fun, haha. Lets get the hell outta here."

So we start sprinting as much as we can. We hear trucks and cars and one of the enemy APC's drive by. We ask our SL for a evac. They give us a location, and we wait.

The Huey comes in. Fast. A little too fast. The APC is down the road, me and my squadmate run around trying to hide from it. We manage to. The Huey flies past us, turns, and has trouble landing. Eventually it gets close to landing, but then starts tilting forward, and soon we watch as it flies 200 meters behind some buildings. Me and my squadmate are watching in horror, as we soon hear a boom, knowing our chances of living are probably very slim.

We eventually get it together, and start trying to pass through the enemy controlled docks. We say screw that, and go around instead. About half way there we hear the enemy APC again, keeping quiet, we keep moving.

Towards the end of the wall, we see green smoke. Glad to see it, we check our GPS, and see 2 boats docked nearby. We figure we can swim to those and get back to the carrier and meet up with our squad.

I get injured again (even though it was a shorter jump than the building o.O), and patch myself up. We climb up near by, see the apc and a huey fighting it out. Soon some shots land nearby, killing my squadmate.

Now I'm alone, so close to the carrier, yet so far. And I realized i'm about 500 meters past where those boats i wanted were.

Our squad leader leaves, and low and behold that kit i picked up a few 20 minutes ago was a mec squad leader kit!

So i call in a helicopter evac. A huey is close, and tries to pick me up. I'm freaking out, knowing that APC could take that huey down at any time. I try getting in from the docks, but we have to fall back to the water. I'm worried that the heli will soon drown, but he gets it down just enough that I can get in. Soon, we're turning around, landing on the carrier, and i'm kissing the ground going "OMG! THAT WAS THE LONGEST 36 minutes of my LIFE ><"

It.... was epic. :wink:

And just for a bonus, if you add the awesome fighting we had earlier, it was awesome.

(I hate this.. i always get tired of writing half way through... XD)

2009-07-18, 15:16

we thought F1ght3r13 was a girl too

2009-07-18, 15:50
Well on muttrah last night i overheard when i was killing him in an apc he kept calling everyone in his squad "gentlemen" , This confirmed it to me , hes a girl.

2009-07-18, 20:40
yup. But i can't tell... it's likely he's a girl.. but it's just as likely he's a 13 year old dude... o.o i don't really care XD haha

=) its just funny cause fighter screams like a girl, talks like a girl...

> > and even asks questions like a girl XD fighter's still cool and all, and a somewhat good squad leader when serious.. but... o.O its just funny XD

2009-07-18, 23:28
I thought Fighter was a guy, even though people make fun of his/her voice :confused:

2009-07-19, 16:21
Why would your squad take a chopper and just leave it?
request a drop in by the chopper squad next time thank you.

2009-07-20, 13:50
lol fighter must be a girl XD i keep asking on mumble but he is very dismissive about it XD

2009-07-27, 01:23
Yea leaving a chopper around is just asking for a shit storm.

2009-07-28, 03:30
Yes, fighter is a girl.

Look at this XFire conversation

Me: Are you a girl?
Fighter: Yes, of course, why wouldn't I be?

Totally legit. He also told me how his plan of making his squad do stupid things was slowly beginning to degrade the gameplay of PR on public servers. But I'll leave that part of the conversation out.

Also, that AAR sounds like a lot of noobery in the space of a half an hour. I stopped reading after the second huey was horribly wasted.