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2009-07-08, 11:49
This is by far my least favorite map in PR. I never have a good game on this map, regardless of squad/team. Its so bad that i disconnect from the server when it loads this map. I was just wondering if anyone out there has something positive to say about this map. Any good stories that might let me give this place another shot?

2009-07-08, 12:10
Last night on TG I led a armour squad for the first time in aaages. Unfortunately we failed pretty hard, but we took equal numbers of enemy armour down with us.

The objectives were the north hill by the river, hill 181 I think, and a hill near their main called 254. We got a quick cap on our flag going, and the armour with mech infantry support and AA cover moved on the next flag.

We engaged enemy armour en route, 2 c2s were damaged, we had brought no repair support. So the tanks held on a nearby hill and covered the infantry advance. The infantry got on the hill and started capping. The tanks moved aroudn the hill after the infantry reported via mumble that an APC was approaching. We destroyed an enemy FB, but the APC was nowhere to be seen

suddenly the comms crackled to life and portable.cougars panicked voice comes over "Urgent! enemy tank to your front 7!!"

We suddently found ourselves (a damaged c2) toe to toe with a chinese tank. our formation had gone to hell since we were desperately hunting teh APC to keep the infantry safe, we put one hit on it, deployed smoke, and move back and to the right, yet luck was not with us. The Chinese tank still landed a hit on us and we blew up.

The remaining tanks were taken out one by one over the course of the next 5 mins by various means.

So we swapped in to a Mech inf Role, for the next few mins.

Sandiford happened to be moving out with a Warrior at the time, so we followed his lead, again the coms crackled to life with important information "squad 7 enemy apc is following us" "7 here, are you the APC in Fox 1?" "correct" "copy, coming over to its rear"

turned out the APC was not where Sandiford thought, we took hits on our side armour, flipped aroudn to engage teh target, but the sirens started blaring and I thought the worst. Fortunately I could see a second line of tracers heading towards our erstwhile target, Sandiford had come to teh rescue! The enemy APC exploded much to our relief. We joked on the way to the repair bay that a civilian throwing rocks could probably finish us off.

We defended hill 181 for the next few minutes using our APC. calling in CAS from a eurofighter to swat away AT on a nearby hill. Eventually Cougar got the 254 flag capped, so we could move. The tanks had respawned, so we reorged at base and picked them up. We then headed to 254. Again, my aggresive stance failed me, 2 of our tanks were destroyed pretty soon. But en route we did destroy 4 soft skin vehicles, so ticket wise it wasn't so bad. We then provided laser support, and AA cover for the rest of the game in the local area until the hill 181 defenders moved out to PLA FOB and capped it.

Great game!

on a map feedback front. the only real problem with it is the lack of stuff. by stuff I mean statics. The Coal mine could be redone to have a cave or two, a few of the hills could be given Koselsk type trench systems. The village could be expanded significantly. I mean...its a random village in the middle of nowhere. no farms...no obvious industrial ties.

I think Rhino could still make the map something a bit more special, but I expect he's working on a new map or muttrah atm.

The thing about Kashan is that the infantry do have somewhere which is 'theirs' where they can be safe. The bunkers. Quinling does not have this. This is both because there are no appropriate statics for it. and also because Quinling is AASv3. I think AASv3 is a bad choice for this map. AASv2 with 300-400m cap radii would work better. I would also suggest that the CA concept of allowing Jets to leave the combat area without getting messages telling them off would benefit the map tremendously, but it would help pretty much any map anyway.

2009-07-08, 12:23
ya i guess thats my major problem with it. its so damn empty. and everywhere you look, it looks the same. its just a bad place to be for an infantry soldier (my favorite role). you go prone and cant see anything due to the grass, but if you crouch you get hit. plus the lolling hills dont help much either, even when your on top of them. good game experience though. i think i was part of the chinese forces for a few minutes, before i got fed up with the map and left lol. thanks for the feedback, and i guess ill try to give this map another chance. next time ill try to be mech infantry, see how that works out.

2009-07-08, 12:27
^ yeah, I also noticed that your team didn't have nearly as many mumblers as we did, so we had much better communication than you guys, so we were able to pass alot more info to our jets about ur movements on the ground and in the air.

2009-07-08, 12:37
Qingling has the potential with a little bit of tweaking, to be one of the best maps in PR, at the moment it's just not quite there, it would take quite an effort, but it could be really good.

2009-07-08, 12:55
Agree, I like qinling more than kashan because kashan is just open, flat and well, ugly. I just donĀ“t really like desert like that, whereas qinling is green, has trees, lake etc.

Though it could do with a load of tweaks and the jets/helis seperated into different layers.

2009-07-08, 12:56
i think it needs more than just a little effort. a whole makeover of the scenery would be nice. and this really is a mumble map. any map of this size with this many assests is a mumble map. i guess with a makeover and integrated mumble, this map could be turned around and made into something good.

2009-07-08, 23:46
Me and my squad took 3 Land Rovers 2 in each and did drive-bys for an hour an a half. Twas fun.

2009-07-09, 00:31
This is a pointless rant thread. Has nothing to do with 'Tales from the front'.

2009-07-09, 01:43
Quinling is a brilliant map in PR, had some of my best rounds on it.

My favourite moment was leading a squad of new guys towards the chinese fob, telling the squad to halt and prone. I pulled out my binocs and called in an airstrike, should have heard the voip. :P

2009-07-09, 02:31
Try playing the inf layer of Qinling. It's even more fun with mumble.

2009-07-10, 09:42
Not as good as the other maps but the only map with a Tornado sitting in it.

I think the tornado is under-used. Most of the time I find my self sitting at the ready on the run way with my pilot and me waiting for people to locate and spot armoured contacts. Most of the time all i hear is, "NEED CAS AT C?K?. ENEMY ARMOUR LASED!". Take off, reach location with me at the ready on the laser targeted missiles as we descend from the clouds seeing nothing but a bunch of trees and no lase (or a lased tree) and getting shot down out of now where from a J10 or AA.

However the best round Ive ever had on Qinling was in the CAS squad. I was the WSO (weapons system officer) in the Tornado. Lucky we had a commander in close contacts with the squads and when the squads were unable to provide lasers the commander would stick a CAS marker lase on the last known location of infantry and we would bomb the hell out of it with the laser target bombs.

After returning for ammo after our 3rd bomb run we taxied to the rearming location and we suddenly got contact reports from a RECON squad whom had an officer and sniper in the squad. After confirming the specific location of the contact (tank and APC convoy heading towards coal mine). They were on the way to pick up some infantry at coal mine to move on to the farm outpost.

As we ascended into the clouds we circled around the lake at about 2200ft in the sky until the spotters could move into position to lase. Commander radioed in stating the spotters are ready to lase said targets. After the commander updated our markers we made our last circle as we lined up with the marker. On-the-way was the que to lase targets. descending from the clouds once again with my pilot going in a straight slow line over coal mines dropping flares like a mad man, I released the bombs whilst frantically looking for the lase luckily the lase showed up finally and I locked on.

"Good hits" was all I saw on general chat followed by a request from the commander to make another round. So we circled back on the other side of the map to make our attack run. On-the-way was the lasing que again. Whilst my pilot was dropping his last few flares left, I released my last bomb and the lase showed up more promptly this time. I zoomed in during the lock and saw that the lase was a buring APC with infantry running away from it. I didnt get to see the explosion as we beat it at the speed of sound back into the sky since we had no more bombs or flares.

"Bodies flying, thanks for the support guys" I saw in general chat from the squad that lased for us. With the commander feeling on the top of his game he instructed us for rearm and repair. Heading up to the NW most part of the map to line up with the run way we were passed head on by an enemy jet for a split second. my pilot decided to shoot straight into the air as fast as we can. Leveling at about 3500ft in the air we circled a bit. and thought it was now safe to come down.

Made our line up again with the runway and landed safely. Feeling chuffed that we had been doing quite well in the Tornado together we decided to take off again immediately after we rearmed because there were no more spots from the infantry. We circled around the lake as the commander gave us bombing missions with his CAS markers. After blowing up what the commander thought were contacts but really werent we went back to base for more ammo. Immediately after we decided to RTB we were engaged by the enemy Jet again.

Pilot was screaming into VoIP, "S*** S*** S***, HES GOT A LOCK!" I looked behind us with the bomb cam (360 degree camera) and didn't see crap. Just fog and clouds. Pilot told me hes released all flares. Commander told us to do a fly by back at base and he would be ready with the AA. We rushed back to base at about 2000ft in the air and descended very quickly. Commander said he had no lock, that we were safe.

We quickly set up at the other side of the map to line up with the runway again but on our final approach we got locked up by the J10. Switched to bomb cam and he was just behind us about 20ft below us. Having no flares left we got shot down with nothing but our destroyed Tornado wreck falling short of the runway.

That was the best round i ever had. We won the round soon after.

If I remember correctly the Pilots name had the words "Viper" and "AAA" or "AA" in it. Really good pilot. Would love to fly with him again.

2009-07-12, 07:42
This is a pointless rant thread. Has nothing to do with 'Tales from the front'.

Ya know what? Screw you. This is a discussion based on peoples good or bad experiences on the map. I said it in my first post. Read the damn posts before you decide to say some whitty remark.

2009-07-12, 19:16
If I remember correctly the Pilots name had the words "Viper" and "AAA" or "AA" in it. Really good pilot. Would love to fly with him again.

Your pilot was {AAA}Viper. Heh, you were so nearly there.

On-topic, I love Quinling. I think the scenery is lovely, and if the flag locations are good you can sometimes get pretty awesome firefights going on. Chances are you got a crap team...

Plus the fact that it is now the only map in PR with the Lynx on it...

2009-07-12, 19:41
Meh I like it, only thing that annoys me is the eye bleeding whiteness of the sky and the fact that the British jets already go so fast you can outrun AA missiles and it gets even worse when you fly at 2-3 Km height where you can't even orientate and find yourself flying out of the map all the time.