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2009-07-07, 21:22
I have had to almost quite gaming because of school and more school. So I did not have much time to play PR, or to sit with my gaming PC at all. Eventually that made it very, not-up-to-date, so it did not function properly either. It is indeed sad to come back and see most of my hardware not working, and in a really bad state. My mic has taken damage from not being used, so has my speakers, don't ask me why :p

But now the Summer has arrived and with a lovely 7-week long break from all that is called school, so today I decided to download PR again and with the recent upgrades to my internet connection, it went pretty fast. Averaged at 1 MB/sec :D

Initially I had so much trouble getting it working again, but hours of updating windows, Punkbuster and the .NET framework solved that :D

So I launched the game for the first time without problems around 1800 today, and I must say I was not dissappointed with the gameplay.
First round was joining in on Tactical Gamer on Asad Kal, just as the timer started. I joined a squad led my a TG dude, I cannot remember his name though. They were fine with me not having a mic at the moment, which was a positive surprise! :D
Shortly after the SL got disco'd for unknown reasons, and another TG dude took over. m0cr0 I think was the name, not sure tough. It went really well and we worked as a team, not just a squad! Was really awesome :D

We did loose that round, but next round we came strong again on Kozelsk, this time as the Russians. Ninehawk and I, were tasked with the BTR. Despite my lack of communication possibilites were limited to text, it went pretty well overall. We won that round with the flag next to the Chechen base neutralized :)

So today has been a very positive PR experience, after I got the through all the problems atleast, but I am happy that I got it fixed! I will definately be playing some more over the summer and hopefully I can get to talk with my old mateys around here, who still lurk around ;)

2009-07-07, 21:50
Zazzo! xfire me when you are up for some games, and I'll join ya!

2009-07-07, 23:26
welcome back zazz :P