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2009-07-07, 19:31
Alright this is a thread telling about my first time playing on a Non-Training server. Post your own too.

Map: Al Basrah (spelling?)
Mode: Insergency
Team: Insergents

Alright first thing I did was spawn at the Mosque, as a civ, hoping to fill a role as a decent medic. (That never happened, since everyone "Gave up" as soon as they were shot). So the next thing I did was grab a car, and went driving to meet up with my SL. They were at this....well I guess I can only describe it as a "Toll" booth near the center of the map. I pulled up, and watched them set up mines along the road. We then got a report of some enemy activity near the Palace. So we mouted up on our awesome hatchbacks and took off.

While defending the palace, I was grenaded several times, shot, and ripped to shreads by an apc, before we lost that chache (there were 2 of them in that area) (and I still had no kills). When the Brits stopped attacking, I spawned once again at the Mosque, and our SL gave orders to scout ahead with vehicles. So I hopped in the nearest vehicle to me (which was big red, and I couldnt resist my noobish inpulses to NOT drive a massive semi that goes boom). So I went out and followed my SL untill he said that I shouldnt, mainly because he put down some mines earlier, and I didnt know there exact location. At this point, I had 0 kills and 5 deaths. Still driving big red, I went off on my own in search of something (Anything) to blow up. I came around a street corner at spotted 2 parked landrovers, as well as a half built firebase. I drove up and BOOM, I detonated. My SL heard the echo from the blast and was laughing "Big red, was that you?" (He knew I was a newbie).

So then I respawned back at the Mosque, and grabbed a suicide car, determined to get a kill. I read a report of an APC near the refinery, (and I had no clue where that was, so i just drove around the map, and accually stumbled upon the spotted apc.) He was driving towards me, but he didnt see me, thanks to the sand dunes slighty hiding my position. I sped forward with delight, but to my suprise, the APC went off a jump, and was about to land on top of me. I quickly detonated, blowing up the APC and getting my first kill.:shock:

I once again spawned at the Mosque, and grabbed another suicide car. I drove out of the city, and to my suprise, the Brits "Main battle tank" (I dont know the technical name) was less then 20m away from me. He fired his main cannon, and missed, I pulled alongside.... But my car wouldn't detonate :confused:, (I guess somebody must have parked a non-bomb car in the bomb cars spawnpoint in the mosque..) A landrover quickly drove up and shot me.

I spawned at our new cache this time, as a sapper, (My foolish plan was to try to sneak up behined the tank and blow it up with an ied) As I was walking out of the hut, and over the crest of a small hill, I spotted an infantry unit about 150m away in the edge of the city. I dove for cover, just as he did the same. I thought for a second that he was a friendly, but upon checking the map I realized he wasnt. I still didnt know how many enemies where in the area, or whether he really did see me, so I walked north a few meters, and peeked out again. He was running with his back to me, about to round a corner when I fired twice with my rifle, and to my suprise I accually hit him. Filled with a sence of confidence, I started making my way to that tank, when I got shot from an unkown location. The Brits set up a base like right around the tank, as it continued to shell the city. I never saw the end of the round, becase my computer started updating itself, and made me crash to desktop. It was an amazingly fun round. My final k/d ratio was 2 kills/9 deaths.

(If you can remember, tell what your first round, or the earliest round you can remember, was like.) :D

2009-07-08, 00:08
Nice story. Glad to see that your first time was fun even though you didn't have a positive KDR. Just gotta be careful, not all red cars are bomb cars...only the ones with C4 in the backseat. That is what is great about insugrents, your deaths really mean nothing and by killing the APC, you have eliminated about 7 tickets from that team. So your 2 kills actually meant alot more then you think. Nice job. Look forward to seeing you on the field.

2009-07-08, 13:11
Hmm, my first round ever? i cant remember if it was on Al Basrah, or a different non insurgency map. I think it must have been Al Basrah, because the insurgency game mode is one of the major things that attracted my to PR, besides the realism. all i can remember (if this is indeed my first round on a real server) is that i loaded in, waited around for a few minutes until i could join the British side (yes noobish) hopped into a squad and rolled out. i think it was overall a good experience, because i loved playing on that server (thebattlearena) and im still playing PR today, so it couldnt have been too bad.

2009-07-09, 17:40
But my car wouldn't detonate :confused:, (whether it was a dud, or lag or something, idk) A landrover quickly drove up and shot me.

not all red cars are bomb cars ;)

my first round was al basrah v0.75

i spent pretty much the entire round with my mate (who also had only just started playing) sat at VCP in a sangar taking pot shots at insurgents running around what i can only guess was a cache. they then attacked the VCP so we had a bit of a CQB fight.

i did not alot, didn't kill much but really enjoyed myself in the mean time :)

2009-07-09, 20:51
For my first 5 games i didn't see a single enemy, i saw tracers i saw a bullet hiting me in my left eye ball, but i didnt see any enemy at all ^^

2009-07-09, 23:19
A friend had been playing some PR before so one day he told me about it, so I checked out the website and watched a few of the PR Diaries on youtube which i liked alot, so i decided to try it.
Ahh yes, i remember it (well, most of it anyway) like it was yesterday... :roll:
My first ever round of PR was on Mestia, as the British (in .7, it was a few weeks before .75 came i think). New and foolish as i was i didn't join a squad but ran of following some blue guys as a rifleman, not joining their squad. Walking through the woods, I really liked the all forest environment which felt very real and different from anything in vBf2. I heard sporadic gunfire in the distance, where the team was advancing. They were besieging the militia mainbase and as i walked along with the squad i had chosen to stick to, we approached the fortress. Gunfire became more frequent and louder as we walked onto a hill. When we reached the top some militia popped up and shot me in the face with their old-style AK-47s (lacking experience, i was walking over the ridgeline of the hill not paying attention to cover). The long spawntime (compared to vBf2) teached me to be careful and after respawning i got going again. When i had reached the fortress i sticked with another squad. They were taking cover against the walls and threw alot of smoke grenades over. When the smokescreen wot thick enough they threw a grapling-hook over and we climbed up the rope. As soon as we got up the roof we were welcomed by surpressing fire of militia soldiers though and i got killed by it just as the round ended, when they had no tickets left.

The somewhat grim atmosphere of the dark forest and the near and distant sounds of gunshots, whizzing of bullets going past and exploding grenades really impressed me. It
gave this sense that there was actually war going on, like in no other game i had -and have- ever played. :-)

The days after my first round i played some PR from time to time playing vBf2 and some other mods as well, but it wasn't untill mid/late .75 that i really got into PR by the teamplay in it. It had (and has ofcourse) pretty much everything i had wished for in a game, plus the looks of the Bf2 engine which i had gotten accustomed to in the time i played vBf2 alot. Because of that i kept playing it, and for quite a long time now PR has been my number 1 game, and i don't see that changing very soon. :-D

2009-07-13, 12:56
My first round ever was on Muttrah City v1, I jumped in a littlebird with a medic kit and spent the whole time hiding behind crates from snipers and having desperate conversations with the other guy in my squad about where the bastards were, he poked his head round and promptly lost it. It was intense, it was thrilling and it was epic.

2009-07-13, 13:09
on albasrah when it was still AAS mode in 0.5.
Massive tank charges with infantry squads and Cobra's/A10's flying overhead :razz:


2009-07-14, 20:32
can't remember the details but it was on 0.5 Basrah...

I joined the insurgents (or w/e they were called back then) and i had alot of wow moments...
I thank the guy who did a low pass with the A10 back then...I was absolutely stunned with the awesomeness of it :D

2009-07-24, 09:19

everybody so far seem to have enjoy there first time...
my first time was not that cheerfull...
having played BF2 for some time now, i found myself in front of...what..friendly??? ennemy??? shit i'm dead...less then 10 sec into the game...wow...
Having no mike was a nightmare...beeing kicks out almost immediatly from all squad i try to join i was left alone trying to learn. Doing my best to help my team, not getting in the way...it was a challenge, but being a team players a was left feeling really alone...

But one day, and sadly i don't remember there name's, i was "adopt" by a squad ready to help me.
In fact, they must have spot me because a was garding our base has best as i can...alone.
I follow every order, covering my squad leader...it was a blast!!!!!

To that squad...to those boys..thank's...it mean a lot to me.
being sensitive and a nice person, i was left kind of hurt each time i was kicks out without even an explanation.
I got a mike...and some squad are realy quick to kick others out, but each time it happens to me i remember that somewhere, there's good friendly players out there.
I'm a good squad member...i'm a player still learning...and i still like this game because of you.


2009-07-27, 02:18
I spawned in on Helmahd province and accidentally right clicked my mouse with a molotov burning me and everyone around me.

2009-07-31, 09:53
WOW... :) I just started like one month ago 0.85, after fooling around in a training server to be cut down to meatballs by jets and choppers i said well I might as well try it for real...

Jump in to the UKWF server... trying to get in to a squad I end up in the APC squad... This guy tells me to jump in as gunny and i go like... really mate I never played before... He must have been desperate for the gunny as he says, no problem... He drove the apc pointing targets to me and i did my best to at least suppress them... i ended up with about 20 kills and no deaths...

Thanks to whoever it was that driver! (I recall was UKWF tagged) I inmediatly adopted the game and their server...

The lesson, in the APC a good driver is more important than 10 gunnys...

2009-07-31, 21:28
My first round was in Kashan Desert (version 0.75) with a friend of mine. We both read the manual then jumped into a game, amazed and awed by the size of the map we joined an infantry squad held up in the hills in the southern part of the map. There were rounds whizzing by my head everywhere, all I could say was "holy sh**".

2009-08-01, 05:15
That was a good story, Darman1967.

There are a lot of good people out there - I hope you remember them. When reading your post, they might remember you!:)

(Dang! - I just got promoted! Hell, if this had been a scene from "It's A Wonderful Life", I'd have sprouted wings, and you'd have heard bells!)

2009-08-01, 05:59
ya.. the only thing i can remember is it was on qwingling... and me and my freand where learning how to fly the j-10's for the first time, and we had neaver played a round of it.. ever...

i shot down a jet that round.. after crashing 3 on takeoff.

2009-08-05, 09:58
My first game was flying a heli for an hour. I crashed 3 times... although suprisingly i got 1 kill. (dont know how)