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2009-07-05, 19:22
This was recorded on July 4th, on the Tactical Gamer server. Most of the time here I am bleeding out, inches away from being killed by PKMs, captured SAWs, AKs, and exploding grenades. It was goddamn awesome. When I was hiding under the truck in the last one, I was afraid an RPG would hit the truck, killing me and whoever I had just revived, but also too afraid to move an inch outside of the truck's protective shield. None of the voices you hear are mine, by the way.

|TG-6th| Dirtboy was the squad leader, he did a great job leading throughout the round. Unfortunately the Taliban caches spawned in the north-east corner of the map, and they cut off the only three methods of passing through, so the US could only manage to get two or three caches.



Feedback on my playing is very much welcome, I recorded this partly so I can improve on what I was doing. I did a number of stupid things and survived (like the dashes through the open while bullets were landing everywhere), but I want to hear what you think.

Both videos will be available in "high quality" shortly.

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2009-07-05, 20:47

When the guy did the mad dash towards you in the middle of all that automatic fire! The bullets landing all over the floor! wow


The insurgents were really kicking ass

2009-07-05, 21:00
Yay, I was playing that round! :D

2009-07-05, 21:28
Insurgency is always awesome when the BLUFOR keeps getting bbq'd

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2009-07-06, 02:59
Was really fun as the INS.
I was in Irr-Gunner's squad and someone was laying down the PKM-RPG love. I joined in with a buckshot SG to get some suppression on the scene, little effect.
Demoed the 2 destructible entrances with the IED kit and layed a couple of lethal trip-mines(one killing 3 guys in E1, along to valley pass.

A couple of criticisms:

1. Fire smaller bursts with the M249. Many, very quick 3-4 round bursts are highly accurate, with the first 1-2 rounds being almost dead on.

2. When under Area-Attack (Arty, Mortars, JDAM ect) stay WELL away from any doorways and windows. I would say you got lucky with that mortar strike, as usually those that venture too close to openings will find themselves getting wounded/killed by an explosion near the opening.

3. Don't mess with the Mongol.


2009-07-06, 06:42
I really cant even remember if I was on this server or not, but I played a round VERY similar to this as insurgents on the hills suppressing BLUFOR. If I was on that server in this game, I'd be the one dealing out RPGs. :razz:

2009-07-06, 06:55
Oh my god...that was such an intense round. My hats of to the Taliban for giving us such hell. They kinda lucked out with the sweet cache placements. My squad did do an outstanding job though. In the second movie, you can see that we sneak up on the Taliban to recapture our outpost. We immediately destroyed the defending squad, but was soon cut to pieces by the hill guys.

2009-07-06, 15:23
epic line on vid 2 about 15 sec

"my sphincter could crack walnuts at the moment!!" :D

the vids also show the beauty of a "beaten fire zone", a couple of pkm's just knocking the hell out of outpost and distrupting the blufor within.

thanks for the great vids Waldo :)

2009-07-06, 15:41
Incredible survival!
-Stay away from HAT beacons, such as trucks sometimes and FOBs
-My way of healing is 1 FD and heal all the way up.
-Don't stand too much in the open

But I guess you know that already, not much I can teach when everything comes from practice ^^

2009-07-07, 08:07
my tips are:

dont throw smoke on your self,, put it on the walls surounding the compound

FIRE BACK!!!, soem times as a medic you got to shoot in the direction of the enemy in hopes of keeping them down, but dont stay exposed for too long

other than that your a really good medic

2009-07-07, 09:38
I can't believe you died only twice :shock:, there's at least 4-5 other times of assured death in this vid.
great footage anyway, looks like it was hell for you there.

2009-07-07, 15:03
Awesome round, enjoyed those vids very much. Although, I got to some thinking when I saw part 1, at the end there when you got revived and got a SAW, iirc. You were in a standing position and firing towards the mountain tops, holding the trigger down for several seconds in a row firing very long bursts. Doesn't this make the SAW a little less accurate due to the recoil, especially at that distance? I'm not sure about it. But when I'm using the SAW I tend to do very short bursts with it, but the closer the target is, the longer the bursts should be. But I'm no weapon expert so.. oh well, each to their own I guess. As long as you get the target. :]

Anyway, you're a good player. As somebody else already mentioned, I can't believe you died only twice during that round.

2009-07-07, 17:59



Ah yes, that was my squad great job guys! We were defending that entrance into the mountains and I remember watching Dirtboy's squad reclaim the outpost through my binocs. I figured it'd be a good time to call in mortars :). Too bad the hill defenders cut them all down before my arty did anything...

2009-07-07, 20:54
another great tip from me: forget about the outpost and go for the caches :-P

anyway, nice video