View Full Version : [AAR] Worst Muttrah Team EVER.

2009-07-03, 08:15
Quite possibly the best squad ever though.
After losing all Huey's, the Cobra, both the APC's, the Firebase, all rallies except for one useless squad, we felt the time was right for a photo op.
I got teamkilled by someone who shall not be named before taking a perfect picture where well over 25 people had lined up and posed. The third picture is meant to show how many people are on our carrier.

2009-07-03, 08:21
ahhahaha, thats pretty immense.
I like one of the comments someone posted on All chat,

"Why are there so many people on the SHIP!"

- "Pirate Party"

2009-07-03, 10:57
You know when you've been MEC'd :smile:
I hate it when a map gets like that, another bad one is Barracuda if you lose all your choppers and the enemy gets loads of AA up :D

Solid Knight
2009-07-03, 11:00
**** land! You're on a boat, ************!

2009-07-03, 11:07
what the usmc needs is the launch-a-potties from bf2142

2009-07-03, 11:26
Haha, at least you were making the best of it :razz:
I hope you got your Flippy-Floppies!


2009-07-03, 14:54
Squad 4 why in swimming to the docks :P

2009-07-03, 15:32
Haha, at least you were making the best of it :razz:
I hope you got your Flippy-Floppies!


Man, I love that song.

2009-07-03, 17:32
Squad 4 and Squad 7 made it to shore swimming when we had about 15 tickets left.
We also flipped a Huey because too many people were standing on it at take off and it flipped into the water killing 10.

2009-07-03, 18:47
I was there for the beginning and made the APC squad. Went 30-0, got killed by a HAT then left to go to bed. We were dominating at that point, I was top of the team with 1001 points when I left.

Didn't know I was that much of the team... :P

2009-07-03, 19:32
Oh ya the beginning of the round was going great, all three APC's were down and we had West and Easy City.

Then, everything collapsed.

2009-07-03, 19:49
That was a lot of fun though. I was the anti tank in the prone with m16 iron sights. I was shooting at rounds over peoples heads and was wasting magazine after magazine of 249 saw rounds. It was a drunken party.

2009-07-08, 06:31
OOOO!! THats me! The random guy with the pilot kit. -=MrScruff123=- :-o

The first snap of me on a PR forum.

Woops btw. I was the pilot who flipped the huey backwards. It warmed up for a minute and in that minute it was the only huey so I guess everyone thought it was a good idea to send the whole team over standing ontop of the huey. Efficiency. :P

2009-07-08, 09:44
That reminds me of this (http://screenshot.xfire.com/screenshot/natural/d2ed9a8760de14973eefb854539d2bab8a339325.png) time.

2009-07-08, 11:46
wow i had a very similar gaming experience just a half hour later, on the same map, same side. The helos blew up, we were loosing ground, the enemy must have been using aimbots or somethin, and they were everywhere, overrunning our rallies and FB like crazy.