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2009-07-02, 22:43
Kashan Desert it was all good we were in a blackhawk that when it happend a rpg or aa mustve hit the blackhawk the blackhawk manged to land we made it out the pilot didnt make it were pinned down a tank and a few soliders were fireing in our i drection the squadleader was trying to get some sort of support or an medivac the commander refused were pinne luckly enough a a-10 pilot said hed hel us out he flew in we heard the shots saw the fire and the explosions but nothing didnt make a scratch the a-10 got shot down :shock: we thought there was no hope til aconvoy of abrams and hummers and a few soliders came in we moved into help we lost a squad mate in an aiirstrike he was to close to where thea-10 was firing :x the rest of us we managed to get evac back to a safer location but we lost alot of men and vehicals we realised we forgot a solider :oops:

anyway yeah thought i might add that story
only if we had a ac-130
you can contact me on xfire username : erminartus :lol:

2009-07-02, 23:22
where did the Punctuation (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punctuation) go?

2009-07-02, 23:26
where did the Punctuation (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punctuation) go?


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cool story :P Would be awesome if you got eh Battlerecording for some screenshots.