View Full Version : [AAR] Operation Archer Best piloting I have ever seen on there

2009-06-29, 16:40
ok the best piloting i have ever see was last saturday night Primer_.50cal (i think was his name) and i had made/.joined a heli sqd(he made it i joined) in the first 5 min my heli got shot down due to the fact that i landed the huey on top of a tower on the highest mtn to drop off a sniper sqd there n found out that after i landed i wouldnt take off the Primer told me that ur engine had gotten shot and that it could take off so i hopped out and apolgised to the sniper sqd who then accused me of being a bad pilot well (heres the best part) after that incident we managed to survive till the very end till we had about 20 tickets left and in that time my helicopter and i managed to do 25 successful resupplies to other sqds and drop offs and extractions till like i said we had survived till we had 20 tickets left (I also survived about 3 Rpg hits and 2 SA-7 hits and managed to get my heli back to base and repair)and i had 2 guys in my heli the wanted to be dropped off in H1 so i said ok well when i got there it was apparently HOT with insurgents who were at the air field well i landed to drop them off and 1 of them got out and the other stayed there so while i was waiting for him to get out i had apparently gotten killed by a head shot so i was sad/mad after that and that is my "Story from the Front"!!! hope u enjoy:razz:

2009-06-29, 17:21
Yea, the round earlier Primer_.50 cal drove my APC on Qwai racking up a good 46 kills and only 1 death. I was flying on the server on Archer but I lost the engine TWICE to very miniscule arms fire, which pissed me off so I rage quitted. Primer was an okiedokie pilot.

2010-01-02, 07:48
lol ;) ;) :D

2010-01-05, 21:33
What server were you on?