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2009-06-25, 07:42
And, here's my story.

It looked like a lot of you guys were rolling around in the hate about the nilla noobs (for the most part, I agree, the chopper-crashing, tank soloing fiends) so, I thought I'd relate a story about the first time I played. Well, the second time I played. I had to download a special program that would let me use my mic over voip.

I was downloading the program while I went to see George Carlin who was in town, and had read the manual before I left my computer to do its downloading. A clan I had joined (I'm no good in clans...) had referred me to PR, and I was eager. Suppression was in, and I was so excited. George was awesomely hilarious, by the way. Anyways, I hopped onto an AAS map, and joined the first squad I could. It was filled with friendly Brits (Who I had a bit of trouble understanding) and my first words were, "I'm new."

I remember the guys were very helpful. They even had me get the HAT kit, which made me feel like a big strong man. We had two HATs in our squad somehow (Not sure if the same limitations were in then) but we all hopped in a supply truck, and drove off towards the baddies. The whole while, my HATting comrade was describing how to use the kit properly. Never lay down with it. Wait until the yellow bars draw together. The rocket will shoot out (crazy accent made me not understand, but I pretended like I did since he was being so helpful).

Finally, we got up to the crest of the hill over looking the north village from the US Base (I forgot the name... but it's a desert, with the hangars and base in the middle. MEC vs US... first map I ever played, and I still love it.) and he and I bailed out. We trooped around for a bit, built some stuff, then hopped back in, and moved to the opposing cliff, overlooking the hangars. Thing is, this time, we spotted a pair of tanks. SL had us two bail, and we moved into position. This man, was a god with the HAT and stealth. Or, the tanks were soloing. One of the two. Either way, next thing I know, we're in perfect position, and he's telling me to wait for it. I'm sure he had given an extra ten second pause to account for my noobness once we got into position.

"Fire!" I watched his rocket streak out faster than -bullets- back in nilla. I was shocked. He was pissed, "I said fire!" He shouted. The turret quickly began to swivel towards us. Hit it right in the tanky arse, but needed a second dose. With a girlish squeal (erasing all the manliness I felt from before) I quadruple-clicked my mouse, and fwoom, no more tank 1.

Not sure what happened next, as that was a bit ago, but I do remember that specifically. The guy was very nice, and very helpful, and the entire squad was the same. I was hooked. I think that was my only kill for the first two weeks I played too. Point of the story is, guys, just remember how you were treated when you were new. If -anything- should linger in your mind from this game, it should be patience. You don't get anything by jumping out after the lone gunman balls to the wall, because he's never alone. Take a deep breath, and take your time.

Yes, the manual is important, and yes, we all wish the newbies would read it, but it truthfully doesn't account as much for in game knowledge as actual experience. I'm not the best player around, but on a good day, I can make quite the name for myself doing a few things (But not flying. I still am awful at flying.) and I'm sure most of the nilla noobs who stay will be just the same.

ryan d ale
2009-06-25, 08:13
That's a great story.

The title made me laugh as well. 'We Were Noobs' surely deserves to be the title of the next video based PR tutorial?

2009-06-25, 08:20
We were noobs before we became men ;)

Oh, the good old days...I still remember seeing people jump off apartments then type 'WHY DOESN'T MY PARACHUTE WORK?' in chat...*pinks away a tear*

2009-06-25, 08:33
Nice story yeap! Very familiar to my own first games of PR :)

2009-06-25, 13:36
yeaa thats something to think about :)

2009-06-25, 15:58
I still remember the first round on the original Muttrah....watching full littlebirds fly into the dock and seeing everyone jump out at altitude like it was vanilla. The pavement looked like a dartboard.

2009-06-26, 08:11
haha those were times lead :)
thx god it isn't like that anymore even though it was a fun map.

2009-06-30, 21:38
LeadMagnet;1065780']I still remember the first round on the original Muttrah....watching full littlebirds fly into the dock and seeing everyone jump out at altitude like it was vanilla. The pavement looked like a dartboard.

ROFL A7m1bN_cckg

2009-06-30, 21:44
Maybe you know, but thats not the original Muttrah.

2009-06-30, 22:14
Yes, I do. It's the closest thing I knew of off the top of my head.

2009-07-01, 06:21
Good post scout and welcome to PR. I remember back when i first started PR in .65 it was rough but i managed to do pretty well, a good squad really helped too, Both me and one other guy were new and the rest of the squad was very helpful, i wasn't very confident with other things so i stuck with rifleman to boot. the other guy tried out the Auto Rifleman.

i also very much agree with your last paragraph, yes the manual helps, but it's just like real war, shooting at the range and shooting at an enemy that shoots back is very different. Real soldiers will tell you, everything they teach you in the manual goes out the window when the bullets start flying. it is only what you learn and repeatedly encounter on a field ex that will stick with you.

2009-07-01, 11:54
Hehe i almost pee my self when a saw that video "How not to make a Helicopter Insertion" haha, but i remember my first play of PR, it was almost the same thing only i readed a manual and i know that is no parachute jumping anymore. But we quckly jump in helicopter when pilot was also new i think and in the middle of the air he jumped out, and we just wait to die with eyes full opened. hehe

2009-07-01, 11:55
Sorry for double posting but i dont know how it hapens
sorry again
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2009-07-01, 12:17
Yep... this was what it was like :p

2009-07-01, 12:38
The good old days when half the team called me NOOB because the same idiots wanted me to land in front of the ZPU4 on the old Muttrah docks back in 0.5

2009-07-01, 13:21
Did i see Mel Gibson there

2009-07-01, 14:54
AfterDune;1071939']Yep... this was what it was like :p

The music made me laugh even more at that, absolutely hilarious!!

2009-07-02, 03:19
Still a noob, but at least now I can takeoff and land! Even without using markers or joysticks.

2009-07-05, 08:02
A good laugh!!!

PR is good most the time, but every now and again...like last night on UKWF spawn - all the APC's leave two up, and one guy just sits in an APC doing nothing for ages!

Rare stuff particualllay on UKWF but my god its annoying really that kind a shit is why I stopped VBF!

2009-07-05, 08:20
...The guy was very nice, and very helpful, and the entire squad was the same...

The first thing I noticed when I jumped on the PR bandwagon was how the SL position was precieved differently than in vBF2. People actually respected the SL orders and commands. I figured, since they follow so will I.

I think I got hooked on this game, not because of the cool graphics and new vehicles. Not even the game setup, but I think it was the teamwork. How each persons role in a SQ actually meant something and no one was concidered cannon fodder anymore. If you died with a certain kit you just left your SQ defensless in that department. Made ya think twice before charging in.

2009-07-08, 14:08
haha i remember ages ago back in .75 i had this pilot that got killed by a .50 cal. we hit the ground and to our whole squads surprise, were perfectly ok. just hopped out and kept going
good times

2009-07-15, 06:39
I stoped reading when you said you read manual :lol:

2009-08-04, 15:16
lol i still remember how they treated me when i first played...

Offcourse i went straight to 'deployment' and picked out a nice full server...
I get into a squad and I'm a little unaccustomed with all the controls and so on.
Then I had a LAT kit and shot it to soon so one of my teammates got killed. Some guy said 'Are you new?!'
'That's great! Now go to a freakin training server dude!!!'

=]H[= JakCurse
2009-08-08, 10:32
The best thing about my first mission was the guy that was with me. It was on... I can't remember the name of the map, the US base is in the top right and it's basically a city with a river running around the outside. Insurgency. I hopped in his squad, greets, you know. So he tells me to grab the sniper kit, this doesn't seem too odd to me 'cause the squad was called Recon. (but i was expecting less of a warm welcome :P) Me and him hop up this big Mosque tower and he starts picking out enemies for me. Bearings coming in all the time, And i was hitting a lot of them as well! We must have been looking right at a cache, cause all these Insurgents kept flowing out from either side of a compound, his M21 doing just as much damage as my M40. That still rings clear in my memory :)

2009-08-09, 06:15
I remember a while back I booted up PR for the first time with a close friend of mine.
I Believe it was on falujah West we were up in the very top corner of the map making a huge firebase in a small walled town. Little did we know the importance of this job, but we surely followed the orders of our (intense) squad leader. Me and my friend were just cracking up because we asked when we are going to fight and he replied KEEP DIGGING! or something of that nature. Man that was alot of fun, and alot of laughs, jsut me and my bud digging with shovels laughing and wondering what is it all for.

Good times.

2009-08-13, 12:56
The first time I played was on a full deployment server in Kashan Desert. So yes, the screen comes up with squad and weapons and I picked Medic because i THOUGHT it was a good kit back in the traning servers with the Iron Sight (lol). Than I was looking for a squad (at this time I had no idea what a Asset was) so I join a squad called Apache. Greetings came up etc and than it started. First someone took a truck and the SL took a hummer, I got into the hummer and we started driving towards the huge base in the middle of Kashan Desert. So we got there and I started to get confused, the SL said that he is going to put up a Firebase which I had no idea what it was. After he spawned it, I died since I did not know that you have to move away when it spawns (We Were Noobs) so I respawned at the rally. Than I saw other squad members digging with a shovel (No shovel for me since I was a medic) for a few minutes.

All the digging was done and we drove back to the base where the squad was heading for two apaches, I was like: What? and they got into them. The pilot of the second Apache told me to enter it as gunner and i did. So we got up to the air and he told me to get ready to take out some targets in South Village. Now when we were hovering over the village and the other apache is shooting at the targets, I was all quiet and stood still like a question mark until the Pilot told me to fire on the targets down the village. I switched to gunner mode and started shooting at targets I didn't even know about. The pilot told me to hold fire and asked me if I really know how to be a gunner in a Apache (It was until now I knew what a Asset was) and I said: ''Eh no, this is my first time..''. Than he quickly, like QUICKLY turned around *serious business* and did fly back to the base. He told me to exit the Apache after that I got kicked from the squad.

We Were Noobs and we are becoming better everyday :p