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2009-06-24, 16:13
Since last week, everyday...well evening I play with some slovenian mates I met on thors brigade, running only insurgency.

Arne Dopudja- live streaming video powered by Livestream (http://www.livestream.com/adbitaklapca/ondemand/pla_d06035a0-6b12-4a28-a0a0-563cfe5d5890?initthumburl=http://mogulus-user-files.s3.amazonaws.com/chadbitaklapca/2009/09/01/870d3974-e74d-4c8a-8329-d349c2101b2d_1940.jpg&playeraspectwidth=4&playeraspectheight=3)

2009-06-25, 00:20
Nvm this post...

2009-06-25, 01:12
I diddn't bother to read all that but who the heck are these RPGers in the story. They should get fired at there jobs.

2009-06-25, 01:59
Break it up a bit? You know, with paragraphs? That is the true definition of a text wall m8

2009-06-25, 06:51
Indeed, it will be much more readable in paragraphs.

2009-06-25, 12:35
You guys are vert true, ima delete all the text and make a video (I thought there was something wrong with BR , but it was just a bug in that session (there was blood and map secotrs on the screen)). So Ill post majority of the play in the next days.

And RPGs were fail much indeed.

2009-06-26, 10:13
Sod the bloody spelling and paragraphs a good Blufor story.
I think all the near misses with the RPG's is very realistic, for those of us who have watched BHD with the soldiers who were there commenting - they all confirm that lots (+25) RPG's were fired to get one hit on the BH!
Yes I agree its frustating for us changing from military to insurgent kits but far more realistic that the insurgents do not in any way equal professional miltary equipment or training.
Thanks for the story!

2009-06-26, 10:29
I think all the near misses with the RPG's is very realistic, for those of us who have watched BHD


We regret to inform you that quoting Hollywood movies for reference sums up to:


Have a nice day.

2009-06-26, 10:47
I think he meant the film commentary by 4 of the guys who were there on that day, I canĀ“t remember their actual names.

At one point commenting on the fact that in the film something like 5 rpgs were fired at the helis to get a hit and I am not sure how many on the ground but in real life over a hundred of them were fired to score hits on anything.

2009-06-29, 16:52
Yes exactly Alex my point! The commentary from four soldiers that where there not the hollywood twist - the reality!!!

2009-09-01, 09:48
Tadaaam, wall of text is no more here..u guys can be happy now...

I was live streaming, so no editing here, quality isnt the best, but full 1h and 4 min of the action, boring or not...