View Full Version : [AAR] Best shot with MksMan rifle:

2009-06-22, 04:55
I was out on Kashan Desert and there was this MEC guy looking at me with binocs. I think he was about 650 meters away, and I raised the crosshairs about 1.1 cm and hit him right in the face.

2009-06-24, 02:00
cool story bro

2009-06-26, 22:55
yea, cool story, 10/10
Would read again. :mrgreen:

2009-06-26, 23:04
Pics or it didn't happen.

2009-06-26, 23:15
wait, 1.1 CM?? or MM?

1.1 Centimeters means you raised your crosshairs up like half an inch, which is to the point where you're practically not even aiming at your target anymore. If its millimeters that makes a little more sense since its just a little pip up.

Either way though, I've had crazy shots like that, I love it. Especially with the M14, its a great rifle.

2009-06-27, 00:51
yea, cool story, 10/10
Would read again. :mrgreen:

Hahaha i couldn't stop laughing when i read this comment.

2009-06-27, 14:09
yea, cool story, 10/10
Would read again. :mrgreen:


I LOL'd poor MEC guy.

2009-06-28, 01:45
wait, 1.1 CM?? or MM?

think he ment MM

2009-06-29, 11:28
I was on kashan desert mountain near village when i heard someone is trying to stab me i just make fast turn and take him without scope like in cs 1.6 :D